Four Winners Refuse Parsec Awards
Four 2018 Parsec Awards winners announced today they will decline their awards because the committee has sustained the award given to an alleged harasser. The December 17 announcement of the 2018 Parsec Awards for sff podcasting was hailed by protests

Strahan Reveals ToC for Best SFF Volume 13
Editor Jonathan Strahan has announced the table of contents for his Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year: Volume 13 with stories from 2018. He said: I could easily have added more stories – especially more novellas – but

Pixel Scroll 12/15/18 Here Comes A Pixel To Light You To Bed, Here Comes A Scroller To Scroll Off Your Head
AWFUL COMIC BOOK MOVIES. calls these “The 36 Worst Comic Book Movies of All Time”. How many of these stinkers have you sniffed? …But when you look back at comic book movie history, the genre has had more

Pixel Scroll 12/21/18 Golden The Ship Was Ho! Ho! Ho!
DOOM PATROL TEASER. Daniel Dern helpfully adds a Rot-13 footnote to the video: “For Filers too young and/or cool to recognize the background music’s singer, Fvatvat ‘Gvcgbr Guebhtu Gur Ghyvcf’ vf Gval Gvz , of course.” DOOM PATROL is

Pixel Scroll 12/20/18 Five Chaptered Twice Chaptered Filing Purple Pixel Scroller
YEAR’S BEST FANTASY BOOKS. The popular culture website Paste calls these “The 15 Best Fantasy Novels of 2018”. The following 15 books capture the range that makes fantasy fiction so great, from epic high fantasy to alternate reality to

Journey Planet Presents: Heroes Unlimited 8
After 49 years, Heroes Unlimited #8 continues the fanzine tradition that started with Merry Marvel Fanzine in Dublin in 1967 by Editor-in-Chief Tony Roche. In September this year, Editor-in-Chief Anthony Roche, Co-Editors James Bacon, Chris Garcia, Pádraig Ó Méalóid and

Men In Black 4: International Trailer
MIB 4 is coming to theaters in Summer 2019. The Men in Black have always protected the Earth from the scum of the universe. In this new adventure, they tackle their biggest, most global threat to date: a mole in

Pixel Scroll 12/19/18 The Black Hole Singularity’s A Feinman Private Place, But None, I fear, Do From There Escape
DUBLIN 2019 ADDS FACILITIES. Next year’s Worldcon is branching out to accommodate a growing membership: “Dublin 2019 Expands: Announcing Dublin 2019’s New Creative Hub”. Chair James Bacon told fandom: It is with excitement that I write to share that

2018 Parsec Awards Committee Responds to Complaint
The 2018 Parsec Award winner alleged to have “a history of extremely disturbing behavior” has not been identified, and whoever it is, the Parsec Awards committee has decided they can keep the award. The Parsec Awards Steering Committee met on

Best Professional Artist Hugo: Eligible Works from 2018
(warning: this post is heavily image-intensive, and will probably not work well on mobile devices: flee now, or prepare to meet your doom extremely slow page download) By JJ: To assist Hugo nominators, this post provides information on the artists

Pixel Scroll 12/18/18 Just One Pixel Of Scrolls Is Better Than A Lifetime Alone
NOT THE DOCTOR WHO CHRISTMAS SPECIAL. A nice placeholder, though. Io9 sets the frame: “Doctor Who Saves Christmas (Again) in This Adorable Holiday Short”: Doctor Who’s Twitter account has shared a cute animated holiday short telling the story of how

Vertlieb: Reflections On My Seventy-Third Birthday
By Steve Vertlieb: As a writer, I’m seldom at a loss for words. As this bright and early Monday morning dawns and I patiently await the sunrise, however, I find that my emotions have somehow gotten the better of me.

Into the Spider-Verse
By John Hertz: Sheem made one of us; Punning Robinson, for two; I can’t forget Tub; Descent had Niven and Barnes. Really, this is a marvel. Acrostic (read down the

Pixel Scroll 12/17/18 One Dream, One Soul, One File, One Scroll, One Pixeled Glance Of What Should Be
NO ESCAPE CLAUS. John Scalzi reveals that when it comes to who’s been naughty and who’s been nice, litigation can play a role: “An Interview With Santa’s Lawyer”. There also are some surprising revelations about elvish labor law: If

2018 Parsec Awards
The winners of the 12th annual Parsec Awards for Excellence in Speculative Fiction Podcasting were announced December 17. Winners of the 2018 Parsec Awards Best Speculative Fiction Story: Small Cast (Short Form) PodCastle Jen R. Albert & Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali

Star Wars Roundup
Compiled by Carl Slaughter: Bootleg Star Wars comic book in China takes liberties Baylo: the officer who stood up to Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine More items follow the jump. Star Wars animated shorts “Disney introduces Star

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