Holiday Fantasy Writing Prompt: What’s Behind This Locked Door?

Get your imagination going this holiday season, with a fun fantasy writing prompt. When we open our imagination, without restrictions, we’re essentially letting go of stress, worry, and doubt, allowing ourselves room to be more creative and carefree.

Getting started: Set a timer for at least fifteen minutes. Freewrite or type, without restriction, allowing the story to take you wherever it will.

Scenario: It’s nearing the holiday season, and your child has been dropping hints that they want a pet. You’re on the fence, with all the care, cost, and time, but you’re willing to visit the local pet shelter, to see what they have. When you get there, the pens are filled with unicorns, baby dragons, werewolves… nothing too out of the ordinary. You’re about to leave, when you spot a very heavily locked door, hidden in a remote section of the shelter. You inquire, but you’re told that it’s not up for adoption, and to stay far away. As soon as you’re alone, you creep up to the door, and start unfastening the one-hundred and thirteen locks. You open the door, and find…


Endgame: If the story takes off, keep writing. Allow your imagination plenty of room to leap and sprint, as far as it can go. See this new world from every angle. And most of all — have fun with it!

Share your results in the comments. Good luck!

Hunter Liguore is an award-winning author seeks to create a dialogue that promotes understanding our shared humanity. Personal motto: Respect for differences.

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