AMAZING PEOPLE: Susana Sussmann & Family Need To Leave Venezuela

Venezuelan author & editor needs our help to escape the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.

Susana Sussmann, author, conference organizer, editor and contributor to the Amazing Stories blog (read her posts here), is trying to get her family out of strife torn Venezuela and she needs our help.

She and her husband have secured job offers in Germany and have opened up a GoFundMe fundraising campaign to help her get to that job and her family to safer environs.

Susana and family have been caught up in and affected by Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis (information on which can be found here.)  Her son needs medical and educational support which is simply no longer available to the family, Susanna’s career has suffered, but she wants to be able to continue promoting and supporting the development of Venezuelan Science Fiction (she’s put together the Caracas’ Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Meeting for the past 10 years, started writing contests and publishes Crónicas de la Forja, an ezine.

Amazing Stories is contributing to her campaign,  We hope you will too.

Read more & contribute here

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