Meme Me Up, Scotty

I recently got to thinking about all the little posts that people put on Facebook and what others reply. Now, I have quite a few geeky friends, mostly from going to various cons over the last couple of years, and they will use memes to comment on each other’s posts. According to an Internet meme (MEEM) is an activity, concept, catchphrase or piece of media which spreads, often as mimicry, from person to person via the Internet. They may relate to various existing Internet cultures or subcultures, often created or spread on various websites. These are usually photos or drawings that have been altered and/or have a catchy, sarcastic, or meaningful phrase on them. Fads and sensations tend to grow rapidly on the Internet, because the instant communication facilitates word-of-mouth transmission. Some of them can be funny, some more serious, some thoughtful and inspiring, and others can be downright rude.

I asked my friends around the world to post their favorite memes and I now share them here. We’ll start of simple with a photo still from a movie.

11113817_370619573135388_4719822174710399760_n Who doesn’t like a good Jim Carey meme?

Another one that’s very popular is Willy Wonka. This is one of my particular favorites.


Probably even more prolific than the Willy Wonka memes, are the Batman bitch-slapping Robin memes. Here’s a few examples.

42487833 Batman-Slapping-Robin-Meme th th2

And, of course, those spawned a series of spinoffs from X-Men and Star Trek.

shutupalex-smaller-1 e26


Speaking of Star Trek, which inspired the title of this article, here’s a few of the more clever ones in that genre.

11205545_10153235015317770_6804229931162358741_n Funny_Pictures_128314 Horrified_Scotty__meme___by_kevinbolkStar_Trek__Scotty_Approved_by_JudiHyuga

The Minions have proven to be very popular, as well.

11200598_757029454409686_5503009985043182661_n 18185_756555197790445_7855982505851935956_n 10470637_757323441046954_7186926076537426563_n 10996074_757129501066348_2850572788061333432_n 11014676_757181161061182_530358928433990422_n 11137162_756486261130672_9064731009453249400_n

Some memes really don’t need classification, they’re just funny all on their own merit. You cannot look at these and not smile. Go on, I dare you.

11037883_977359218949933_7466881743509784697_n 10942745_802005506502499_2968168874931081327_n 988430_719857701370089_434307162_n 10411199_10205621694974931_7332756598364767870_n 11178373_896765147051166_2599631710530613118_n 11182130_10155515410040578_2839288619893534820_n 11188283_832554196791809_171475097141880515_n 11195401_10203046072112860_1021600954_n 11193277_465291440314379_2803294348480911245_n 11193393_912148282181421_8910166474603605053_n

I hope you’ve had fun reading this. If not, here’s the last, but not least, meme.



Next time, I’ll be reporting on MCM Expo, London. It looks like it will be another record-breaker!




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