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Whenever I see an article that starts with “The Rise of. . .” I think of dough. When it’s applied to African science fiction, I picture an endlessly rising (and falling) dough that will never becom…

Source: Please Stop Talking About the “Rise” of African Science Fiction | Literary Hub

Editor’s Note:  intrigued by this case of erasure and “lost history”, I went looking for some of the texts referenced in the article and provide the following links for interested readers:

Blake; or, The Huts of America, by Martin R. Delany, 1859

Gandoki, by Muhammadu Bello 1933 (an “adapted” translation from Hausa – spoken in Niger, Ivory Coast region – under the title of The Adventures of the Warrior Gan’doki was published in 1971.  Online version could not be located at this time.

Nnanga-kon by Jean-Louis Njemba Medu, 1932, is available in Worldcat 

Chaka by Thomas Mofolo, 1909 is available as a PDF download from a questionable source;  paperback copies (1981) can be purchased from ABE

Forest of a Thousand Daemons by D. O. Fagunwa, 1939, is available in PDF

Woman of the Aeroplanes by Kojo Laing, 1988 can be purchased on Amazon

The Famished Road by Ben Okri, 1991, also on Amazon (Man Booker Prize Winner 1991)

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