Funds Raised (thank you patrons!):  Check
Submissions Selected:  Check
Art Work Commissioned: Check
Press Selected:  Check
Stories Edited:  Check
Artwork Edited: Check
Arguments Between Art, Editorial and Publisher:  Check
Layout Created: Check
Arguments:  Check
Copyediting Completed: Check
Self-congratualtory Dances Danced:  Check

Electronic Documents Submitted to Press:  IN PROCESS!

(“Arguments” refers to the classical definition of the word – discussions among peers who hold differing opinions arriving at a consensus)

It’s ALL over but the shouting folks.

Kermit, Ira and I all agree that we’ve turned out an absolutely fabulous issue (but then again, some of us are prone to spending long hours in front of a mirror) and, while our personal experiences tell us that it is, in fact, objectively fabulous, one might presume there’s just a tad of bias in there.  So Ira sent copies of the draft PDF off to our contributing authors and asked them what they think, and two have responded so far.  “Gorgeous” and “love it!”.

Which makes the reviews unanimous!  This issue of Amazing Stories is going to be a killer!  A Chart Topper! Maybe even a Weiner!

Might I even suggest a soon-to-be-very-collectible item?  (Yes, I may.)

As you all can tell from the preceding, I’m pretty giddy over having reached this stage.  It IS literally over but for the shouting, which we greatly hope to hear at Worldcon76 in just about three weeks time.

Come by our booth (you will NOT be able to miss it) and get your free copy!  If you aren’t going to be at Worldcon76, please don’t despair – you’ll be able to order a subscription of either the print or the electronic edition (in fact, you can do so now), and who knows, as word spreads, maybe we’ll be lucky enough to have to go back for a second printing (which we’ll note somewhere just for you collectors).

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy is pretty much the mood around here;  we’ve learned some lessons, established some good procedures, identified areas we need to improve upon, and are already working on the next issue (Winter, 2018).

We hope you like the finished product as much as we do!

And here, by way of teaser, is as much of the front cover as I can show you right now:


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