AMAZING NEWS: 7-1-2018

AMAZING NEWS with curations by Contributing News Editor Ruby Kapture.


“Power Alone Does Not Explain Their Abuses”  High Profile Sexual Predators

Robotics Engineer Barbie

Where It All Began:  The Stonewall Museum

Takei on Immigration

Puppy Adjacent

White People Call Police on Black Firefighter Doing His Job

Marvel Finally Including LGBTQI Characters in MCU

Fuck Civility (and we just did, right there!)

TSA Now Examining Food (tell me about it.  Last trip they got awful personal with my salami)


(Not really entertainment) Woman Swallowed by Python

Space Force.  OY.

Make It So, Maybe:  Stewart Close to Star Trek Return Deal

StarShipSofa Episode 543

True Love:  A disturbing short animated film\

Flying Robot Stunt Double

Hollywood’s First Plus-sized Super Hero

Best SF Films of 2018…so far


Some Harlan Stories

Facebook Algorithms Screwing With Journalists

TOR’s July Releases

Walmart Starts Selling Exclusive DC Comics.  Comic Stores are Bulk Buying

BDE:  Who in our industry has it?


Ellison Onizuka’s Soccer Ball Flies Again

We Can’t Get There From Here:  Hadfield criticizes existing launch systems

Planet, Schmanet, Janet

Mar’s Crust Formed Quickly

Quantum Solutions to Hacking

Oumuamua is a comet.  (Yeah, right, and Pluto ain’t a planet!)

Space Jellyfish (Don’t worry Margaret, they aren’t talking jellyfish)

Aircraft for Venus Exploration

Science is Progressing Slowly?

NOAA Investigates Mysterious Sonar Sounds

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