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Our own Dianne Gardner, author of Cassandra’s Castle, screenwriter and artist, winner of various awards,  has recently informed us that she and her crew have started raising the money to begin the proof of concept process for a film based on her fantasy series Ian’s Realm Saga.

Dianne is crowdfunding this effort and you can learn the details on her DonorBox page,where, among other things, you can learn all about a “proof of concept” film:

“What is a Proof of Concept film?

In order for distributors and investors to look at our project, we need to show them footage that will…

  1. Give them an idea of the story
  2. Show them the genre and potential target audience.
  3. Give them a taste of what we can do overall in the way of cinematography, and editing.
  4. Introduce them to the best acting and directing we have.
  5. Give them eye candy in costumes, makeup and special effects.”

Diane and crew are no strangers to film; they’ve produced one based on Cassandra’s Castle, one of the Ian’s Realm Saga books, which has won indie film awards for scripting and trailers, as well as other awards.

Visit Dianne’s website here

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Visit the Donorbox page

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Watch the trailer for Cassandra’s Castle, below.



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