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Map’s Edge is a High Adventure Journey

Map’s Edge is an entertaining fantasy novel and will definitely sooth the appetite of lovers of the genre who are looking for an adventurous and fast moving story.

Mindstorm: A Review and Interview with Cindy Koepp

An excellent read, Mindstorm: Parlay at Ologo brings humor in the midst of drama, and passion in the midst of prejudice.
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Tolkien: A Movie Review.

Diane serves up a reminder that if we had listened to the critics, we might never have had had LoTR to read, let alone a bio-pic to watch

Journey of a Fantasy Artist

The inside skinny on being a fantasy artist
OWSCYCON Sci Fi Trailer

A Huge Author Event Online

An online science fiction convention

Crossing the Unknown

Still confused about black holes? Give this a gander.

Fire Destroys Treasures

Brazil's National Museum fire was devestating.

Electric Woman

Diane talks with James Scott about his heroine, Holly, and the award winning Electric Woman series.

Many Worlds, One Vision: A Talk with Author Clay Gilbert

An interview with the author of The Conversationalist, Clay Gilbert.

Review: Solo: A Star Wars Story

Not sure why “the fans” aren't raving,(I bet they are) but I’m telling all my friends they should go see Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The Quantum Quest

We've built machines to do just about everything. Are we now building ones to do our thinking?

Paradigm Lost: An Interview with R. Roderick Rowe

There are so many different takes on Science Fiction.

Why Would AI be Hostile?

Suzanne Hagelin, the author of Body Suit, asked this question: "Exactly how WOULD computers behave if they became sentinent?"

VR and the Olympics

VR technology is not only wowing viewers, its also providing the background for new story ideas

An Emperor’s Garden!

An interview with Award-Winning Indie SF Author, Todd Yunker, author of Shackleton's Folly

Who really created the Drone?

I discover most of my science in the literature and movie industry. Being an artist, I recognize Leonardo di Vinci as one of the...

Hagridden and Terrors of the South

Everyone is haunted by a wildness that threatens...no one dares to talk about it aloud lest they acknowledge it and make their own inner horrors come true.

What if there’s a Mirror in Space

A bit of fantasy in a science fiction setting.

Mix Earth and Mars and What do you Get?

Earthworms on Mars!

Christian Kallias Interview continued

the interview with Swiss author and artist Christian Kallias continues.

Interview with Swiss artist/author Christian Kallias

Author, artist, techie - is there anything Christian Kallias can't do?

A Fantastic Reversal

Rumors are that Amazing Stories is counting down until lift off should give fantasy writers something to think about.

Behind the Scenes with a Voice Actor

Voice actor Brad Wills talks about his craft and how he came to narrate books.

Muse of a Wizard

Open your heart to a fantasy tale, ones like your mother told you when you were still small.

On Young Adult

Young adult genre fiction can help teens negotiate the transition from youth to adult by dealing with the difficulties of life om a realistic, but positive way.

The Power of the Written Word.

"My task, which I am trying to achieve is, by the power of the written word, to make you hear, to make you feel—it...

Back to Which Future?

We've had cyberpunk and steampunk. Is the next big thing...wood punk?

Sight VS Sound

Audio books may not make print obsolete, but they are a growing market that independent authors should consider.

When SF makes sense of the World

Stan Faryna is an author, online strategist, entrepreneur, gamer, and unaccomplished gardener. He's worked in think tanks, seen the Dead Sea Scrolls and the...

Portal Travel Trending

As conditions in the world appear to get more and more dire, portal fantasies become more and more inviting.