The Quantum Quest

So scientists want a machine that’s smarter than them?

Inside the heart of the quantum computer
Tall Boy

Enter the quantum computer.

Sometimes I wonder if we’re doing all this research so we don’t have to think anymore.

We don’t have to apply logic, or communicate with one another, or try and get along. What’s the real reason that human beings are delving into a mad search to solve their problems without being part of the solution?

And is it healthy?

Don’t get me wrong, I have a great respect for people who research and discover new elements about the universe that mankind seemingly has never discovered before.I also have a great respect for tradition, and for ancient wisdom. There’s something commendable to learning from history and the experiences of our parents, grandparents and ancestors.

I don’t believe we are truly knowledgeable without one or the other:  without the past nor without the future. I think the quantum computer is representative of man’s quest to bring opposites together.

When science wants to take the I and the O and make it neither I nor O but rather both I and O, I wonder what exactly does it want to accomplish? (You’re talking to a non-scientific mind here. I think in “what ifs” rather than I’s and O’s). But if I = future, and O = past wouldn’t that create some sort of portal?. A hole where neither past nor future exists, but because they are combined into one the both exist? And if past and future are combined, wouldn’t that create a sort of time warp?

Is the quantum computer the beginning of man’s discovery of time travel?

Instead of looking for a way to solve humanity’s problems, as indicated in this article, could men be possibly looking for a way to escape those problems? I mean, if they would prefer this computer do the thinking for them, what is left but to simply slip out of reality and find another hole in which to abide?

Just something to think about.

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