AMAZING NEWS: 2-4-2018

Prince Holograms, Black History Month entertainment, dolphins imitating human speech, asteroids making close Earth fly-bys, and The Hugo Awards open for nominations

SPECIAL NOTE:  Amazing Stories recently announced plans to hold a Kickstarter Campaign beginning March 1st, 2018.  You can read the details here.  We’d like to thank everyone who have responded with kind wishes, offers of support and their intentions to participate.


In Support of Black History Month – Shows you should watch

Morgan Freeman on the Russian Hacks (This is how a real president speaks, and Morgan ought to know, he’s played one in film)

Black Panther Advance Ticket Sales Outpace all other previous Superhero films

Gender Neutral National Anthem from Canada (and they have universal healthcare too!)

Monopoly Cheater’s Edition (new edition tries to refocus attention on game’s original intent)

NASA Launches Anti-Harassment Campaign (’cause, you know, who needs that shit in space!?!)

Lou Antonelli Apologizes (kinda) to Foz Meadows and Camestros Felapton for erroneously claiming Foz’s Husband is Felapton.  Fellow Travelers Yet to Offer Their Own Apologies and Some Double Down with more hate and vitriol (guess who?)


…Flash Gordon was there in silver underwear…and GW Thomas has a few things to say…  about Space Opera (to the tune of Science Fiction Double Feature)

Ant Man and The Wasp trailer

Tom Corbett Pop Outs!

Dumarest of Terra Comes to the Small Screen

Fighting Giant Lizard People?  Let Captain Kirk Give You Some Tips

Altered Carbon Review

Westworld Season 2 Trailer To Air During Superbowl

American Gods Season 2 Gets New Showrunner

TWD Season 8 Mid-Season Trailer


Hugo Awards Nominations for 2017 Open (retros too)

Locus Poll Opens

Black SF Authors Attending Boskone Get Some Special Attention

Boskone Guest Mini-Interviews and More Mini-Interviews

Robert Sawyer Appointed to Order of Ontario (the guy’s gonna need a dinner jacket to display all those medals!)

NYRSFR:  Van Gelder Presents 5 Authors Reading from Welcome to Dystopia

Arthur C Clarke Center for Human Imagination Podcast

Locus 2017 Recommended Reading List

Rocket Stack Rank Hugo Awards Nominations Help

Rocket Stack Rank Annotated Locus Reading List


Killer Whale Learns to Speak Human (Do you think it said “Fa loves Pa”?

Latest SETI Estimates of Technological Civilizations

LIDAR Reveals Ginormous Mayan City (via File 770)

Fast Asteroid Will Pass Close To Earth Today

Hologram Prince Will Appear in Superbowl Half-time Show

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