QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Reading is just looking at a dead piece of wood for hours and hallucinating” (From Shower Thoughts)

Alternative Quote of the Week: “Reality is just so ridiculous!” (unknown)


Doomsday Clock Moves to Two Minutes to Midnight (Sadly, I no longer have a desk to hide under)


Anti-LGBTQI Violence Grows During Trump Administration


Privacy and Genetic Testing Don’t Get Along

Bus Detention:  Immigration “police” are now boarding busses

Medicare for All

Minorities at Writing Camp

Pay $29.00 and Get Your Burger NOW, or pay $4.99 and Get it in 20 Minutes:  Net Neutrality Explained by Burger King

Sounds Familiar:  The Diversity War at Google

I’d Like to Live HERE, but would prefer that my Internet live in Europe:  They have the right to opt out of data-gathering


We could’ve had this, but instead we got that: 17 Trek Shows That Never Were

Time for Game of Thrones to End

A Wrinkle in Barbie:  New Collectible Dolls Feature Characters from A Wrinkle in Time

Dictators Write SF


Captain Marvel Suits Up!

Feel-Good Bookstore Story (via MIke Walsh)

Darker than Stranger Things?  German Series Dark Premieres on Netflix


Tributes to Ursula: SFWA: Locus: LA Times – Scalzi: NY Times: Guardian – Atwood: Europa SF: SF Site: A Fan’s Tribute

Meet SFWA Grand Master Peter S. Beagle

Dave Creek Novel Released

Boskone 55

Dark Worlds Quarterly Interviews Mr. Sci-Fi

Equal Pay for Time Lords

PBS’ The Great American Read to Feature Atwood, GRRM & Junot Diaz

Worldcon & NASFiC Bids (Yours truly working with Utah NASFiC Bid – stop by the table at Boskone!)

Author Earnings January 2018 Report

Ha Ha Ha – I really didn’t understand Heinlein’s Book and Your’re All Nazis Anyways

French Language SF Mag Solaris


Mayon Eruption Imminent:  (Not a request for sandwich condiments)

Museums Want to Ditch Climate Denying Board Members

How to Watch the Super Blood-Blue Lunar Eclipse

More on Soooper-Doooper Moon Watching

Pot Breathalyzers Won’t Work

Rover Selfie

US Space Program Will Be 60 This Month

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