The Most Audacious Parts Are Its Digressions
by John Hertz: (luckily reprinted from Vanamonde 1313) When Newton saw an apple fall, he found In that slight startle from his contemplation – ’Tis said (for I’ll not answer above ground For any sage’s creed or calculation)

Worldcon 76 Response to Protests Planned Outside SJCC on August 18
Opposing rallies will be held outside the San Jose Convention Center on Saturday afternoon, August 18, while the World Science Fiction Convention meets inside. The Worldcon committee has issued a statement that they and the San Jose police are aware

Pixel Scroll 8/11/18 Pixel of Steel, Scroll of Kleenex
BOURDAIN IN NARNIA. The New Yorker Recommends’ Helen Rosner links to “‘No Reservations: Narnia,’ a Triumph of Anthony Bourdain Fan Fiction”. Of all the billions of pages that make up the Internet, one of my very favorites contains “No

Pixel Scroll 8/10/18 This Pixel Scroll Title Has Been Used Before
TARDIS MAKEOVER. Doctor Who Today has this leaked photo of a new TARDIS design. (2) ANOTHER BIG $ALE. The Hipsters of the Coast report that the “Art for Chandra, Torch of Defiance SDCC Promo Sells for $35,000”. Chandra, Torch

Cats Sleep on SFF: Emissaries from the Dead
JJ sends a snapshot of two skittish kitties — I’m staying with a friend who fosters rescue kittens. Joanie and Lizzie (on their Star Wars blanket) are helping me read my autographed copies of Adam-Troy Castro’s excellent Andrea Cort series.

2018 Ringo Award Nominees
Voting is now under way in The Mike Wieringo Comic Book Industry Awards, “an annual celebration of the creativity, skill and fun of comics.” The nominees were announced June 25. The second annual awards will be presented at The Baltimore

Pixel Scroll 8/9/18 I Was A Dream Scroller And I Had Pixels For You
WHAT DO WHILE THE POWER IS OUT. Ursula Vernon’s ideas make scents. So the package from the lovely people at @bpal arrived and I have a selection of medieval religious scents to sniff! They are very kind. — The

Hugo Awards Study Committee Report Online
The final Hugo Awards Study Committee Report is now online at the Worldcon 76 WSFS Business Meeting page along with the draft agenda for this year’s Business Meeting. Committee chair Vincent Docherty says: The committee got going much later than planned

Pixel Scroll 8/8/18 When The Scroll’s In Trouble, I Am Not Slow, It’s Tick, Tick, Tick, And Away I Go!
GENRE ART FETCHES SIX-FIGURE BIDS. Frank Frazetta’s Escape on Venus Painting Original Art (1972) went for $660,000 in Heritage Auctions’ Comics & Comic Art Auction Aug. 2-4 in Dallas, Texas. It was the top-priced lot in an auction that brought in a total

Where to Follow Johan Anglemark’s TAFF Trip
By John Purcell: Here are a couple updates on Johan Anglemark’s 2018 TAFF trip thus far. First up, here is the blog address for Johan Anglemark’s 2018 trip: The title is Westward, Hi! TAFF 2018. The blog allows fans who are

Readercon 29 Photos
Daniel Dern shares his pictures of guests, panelists and vendors who participated in Readercon 29 over the July 12-15 weekend. GoH Nisi Shawl More photos follow the jump. John Chu reading Maria Dahvana Headley “Writing the ‘Lowercase Letters’ (CART)” —

2018 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Finalists
Finalists have been announced for the 2018 Silver Falchion award is given by the Killer Nashville Writers Conference in Franklin, Tennessee. The Silver Falchion award categories cover the spectrum of popular literature. The conference’s Reader’s Choice nominees also have been

2018 WSFA Small Press Award Finalists
The Washington Science Fiction Association (WSFA) has announced the finalists for the 2018 WSFA Small Press Award for Short Fiction: “A Vague Inclination to Please,” by Brandon Daubs in All Hail Our Robot Conquerers, ed. by Patricia Bray & Joshua

Pixel Scroll 8/7/18 Not First, Nor Fifth, Nor even Frog, Just Little Old Me, PixelDog
SAN JOSE LOCAL CUISINE. The Worldcon 76 Local Guide is now available as an app: Announcing the Worldcon 76 “Local Guide” app from the Publications & Communications team. We’ve prepared it to help newcomers and visitors to San Jose

The Unpredictable 2018 Dragon Awards Ballot
A lot of things are absent from the Dragon Awards ballot that I expected to see there. Some of them I don’t miss. Some of them I do. Best Novel Hugo Finalists: None of the 2018 Best Novel Hugo finalists

Withdrawal of the Re-Naming Addendum from the Worldcon 76 Business Meeting
By Chris M. Barkley: Today, as of Noon today, EST, I formally ask that the proposal to add Ursula K. Le Guin’s name to the Lodestar Award be withdrawn from consideration at the Worldcon 76 Business Meeting. After consulting with

Pixel Scroll 8/6/18 Have Space Suit, Will Robinson
LACKEY HOSPITALIZED OVERNIGHT AT GEN CON. Mercedes Lackey thought she was having a stroke, but instead had been poisoned by outgassing from all the materials in the newly renovated room where she stayed at Gen Con. She’s making a

2018 Dragon Awards Ballot
The 2018 Dragon Awards Ballot was released August 6. A notable change is that most categories have six nominees (a few have seven, or five) in contrast to last year when they had seven or eight. Also noteworthy is that

Pixel Scroll 8/5/18 This Is Not A Pixel Scroll Title
MUST-READ GRAPHIC NOVELS. The Guardian has a little list: “From Maus to Tamara Drewe: the 10 graphic novels everyone should read”. The recent hoo-ha about the Man Booker prize’s longlisting of a graphic novel for the first time, the

2018 Inky Awards Longlists
The 2018 Inky Awards longlists were announced March 1 – the Gold Inky for Australian titles, and the Silver Inky for international titles. The award recognizes achievement in young adult literature, with nominees and winners

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