AMAZING NEWS – 20180812


Howard Waldrop is NOT on FB

Worldcon76’s Plan and Recommendations for Protests Scheduled for Saturday (attendees, pay heed)

Spider Robinson’s Road Trip to Worldcon Travelogue


How Fandom Helped Spark the Gay Rights Movement

Diversity Debate Really Comes Home to 94% White New Hampshire

Verify your voter registration and polling place

Face Tattoos Going Mainstream (next thing you know, kids will be wearing their underwear on the outside!)

What Assisted Suicide Looks Like

Tea Party Conservatives Planning Constitutional Convention

Dumbing Down:  The Oscars

Dumbing Down Text Books

Maher on ‘Q’

There is no Wall Between Scientology and the Writers of the Future Contest More and More

Wonkette Takes on the Federalist and reminds everyone how superheros used to treat Nazis


Wonderbread Woman Clever Cosplay

Monster vs Robot:  Time for Less Civil Debate  (and bonus!  Part 2!)

Never Read SF Before?  (What’s wrong with you?)  Try one of these

Not sure if this is art or a clever excuse for not reading

Air Force Fails to Acknowledge Meteor Strike…just like it failed to acknowledge all of those UFOs…

Strong Female Characters Examines Solo

Is Cold War SciFi Going to Become Popular Again (not if its called “scifi”)

Review of Lifechanger

SF Predictions Verified

Sin Eaters Were/Are a Thing

Behind the Scenes of Thunderbirds and Stingray

Cats in Space!

Klingon Language Institute Releases Translation of The Art of War (very popular with Klingons) with Frank Wu Art

Alien Invasion Film Roundup

The Idea of “Space Force” sucks, so why shouldn’t its logos?

Bhen Returns

Out Takes from Forrest Ackerman Interview (Elron stuff)

Weird Cthulhu Logic


Astounding’s Rights Policies Are Why You Never Saw This Cover

Mature Themes in SF and Fantasy Games

Stan Lee No Longer Doing Public Signings

The Five Most Common Mistakes that slow down narrative

More From Drax on James Gunn’s Firing

SF, Sci Fi, Science Fiction (and no, Campbell did not create the name)

Several People Got Schedule Notices from Worldcon and They Aren’t Attending

Color Coding in SF 

Tips for Creating Fictional Worlds

What?  Now We’re Comparing How Awful Dystopias Are?

2007 WSFS Business Meeting Video

Short Term Thinking is the Bane of the Future


Parker Probe Launch

Older Than Old White Male Convention Attendees (and Older Than the Earth)

Better Than Strange Wine?  Strange Metals

Rosettta Imagery Now Available

Radio Signals From Mars

Earth Heading for a Hothouse State

Exo Solar Flare

North Korea and Iran are bad enough, but now we’re going to declare war on another solar system?

TESS Scope Sees Comets and Asteroids

Space Guts:  What does being in space do to your digestive system?

No Disassemble!  Robots Play on Empathy

Tiny Robot Olympiad

Parker’s Theories Were Scoffed At.  Now He Has a Probe Named For Him

Martian Greenhouse Effect

Video Tour of the Russian Modules of the ISS

Pondering the Meaning of an Empty Universe

Another Mega-shark’s teeth found

With a bang AND a whimper:  Sexbots May Be Depopulating Japan (brilliant.  don’t go on a Terminator killing spree…just kill us with orgasms)

More Clues that a Trappist Planet Could Harbor Life

Lost Moons of the Solar System

The Wall at the Edge of the Solar System

Welcome to the Abiogenisis Zone:  Two planets in both Goldilocks and Abiogenisis zones discovered

We May Discover Life on Mars within Three Years

AMAZING NEWS with curations by Contributing News Editor Ruby Kapture.

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