In the absence of the editor (on a personal trip), the Filers take over the…hen house?

Star Trek Reunions and Anniversaries
Compiled by Carl Slaughter: (1) Marina Sirtis and Jonathan Frakes discuss reunion of the Rikers (2) Marina Sirtis on Counselor Troi (3) Marina Sirtis talks about the first Next Generation movie (4) Next Generation 30th anniversary cast panel (5) Voyager

Dian Crayne (1942-2017)
Author Dian Crayne, 75, was discovered dead in her Northern California home on October 4 by police making a welfare check at the request of friends after she failed to show up for their book club meeting. Writing under her

Milt Stevens (1942-2017)
Past Worldcon chair and fanzine fan Milton F. Stevens died October 2 of a heart attack, after entering the hospital with pneumonia and other medical problems. Milt attended his first Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society meeting in 1960 at the

Pixel Scroll 10/7/17 You Are In A Scroll Of Little Twisty Pixels, All Different
Your host is on the road to New Mexico where he will celebrate his mother’s 91st birthday. So it’s up to you, Dear Reader, to add your wisdom in the comments, along with the links to what should have been

Justice League Animated Movies
Compiled by Carl Slaughter: (1) Injustice. Injustice 2 Injustice Among Us Superman vs. Darkseid

Pixel Scroll 10/6/17 You Are In The Village. There Is A Rover There.
Your host is on the road to New Mexico where he will celebrate his mother’s 91st birthday. So it’s up to you, Dear Reader, to add your wisdom in the comments, along with the links to what should have been

SFWA Offers Adventures in Science Fiction Humble Book Bundle
[Reblogged from the SFWA Blog] SFWA is delighted to feature another Humble Book Bundle. This time it’s Adventures in Science Fiction presented by Open Road Media. When you purchase a bundle, you can direct that proceeds be donated to SFWA’s Giver’s

WatchMojo Picks for Best Marvel and DC Storylines
Curated by Carl Slaughter:

Dominion Wars
Compiled by Carl Slaughter: Aftermath of the Star Trek: Deep Space 9 Dominion Wars:

Pixel Scroll 10/5/17 Pyxel Queste
Your host is on the road to New Mexico where he will celebrate his mother’s 91st birthday. So it’s up to you, Dear Reader, to add your wisdom in the comments, along with the links to what should have been

Kazuo Ishiguro Wins 2017 Nobel Prize for Literature
The Nobel Prize in Literature 2017 has been awarded to Kazuo Ishiguro “who, in novels of great emotional force, has uncovered the abyss beneath our illusory sense of connection with the world” the citation says. Following the announcement, Sara Danius,

2018 Roswell Award Contest Taking Entries
The 2018 Roswell Award for short science fiction by adults (18+) is accepting entries through January 29, 2018. The Roswell Award was created in 2014 to identify, encourage and promote up-and-coming science fiction writing talent among adults worldwide. Last year’s

2018 Tomorrow Prize for LA Student SF Writers Now Taking Entries
The 2018 Tomorrow Prize is accepting entries from students attending high school in Los Angeles County. The deadline to submit is February 26, 2018. Contest entries must be original short science fiction stories, not fan fiction, of 1,500 words or

Blade Runner 2049 Clips
Compiled by Carl Slaughter: (1) “Blade Runner 2049: Nexus Dawn” short film prequel (2) “Blade Runner 2049: Nowhere to Run” short film prequel (3) “Blade Runner 2049: Blackout” short film prequel (4) “Blade Runner 2049: XXIT” prequel short film

Pixel Scroll 10/4/17 A Hollow Voice Says “Pixel”
WE INTERRUPT THIS SCROLL. I will be taking the train to New Mexico to attend my mother’s 91st birthday celebration over the weekend. I leave Thursday evening and get back Tuesday morning. The train won’t have wi-fi and once

Adventure Sci-Fi Storybundle Helps Challenger Learning Centers for Space Science
The Adventure Sci-Fi Storybundle curated by Kevin J. Anderson launched today. For the next three weeks you can get the 13 books in the bundle for as little as $15 — works by KJA, Paul diFilippo, Jody Lynn Nye, Robert

From Philly with Fantasy: NYRSF Readings Feature Gardner Dozois and Michael Swanwick
By Mark L. Blackman: On the evening of Tuesday, October 3, 2017, the New York Review of Science Fiction Readings Series continued its newly-opened 27th Season with the phenomenal line-up of Gardner Dozois and Michael Swanwick (a “dynamic duo”) at

Not Monster Sci-Fi
By Carl Slaughter: Most of the sci-fi movies of the 40s, 50s, and 60s are monster movies with a science premise. By contrast, these two movies offer meaningful interaction between aliens and Earthlings and between humans and humans. This Island

Pixel Scroll 10/3/17 You Are Standing In An Open Field West Of A White House, With A Boarded Front Door. There Is A Small Scroll Here.
HEARTLESS. The day after the worst of recent mass-shootings in American history I don’t want to click on Nerds of a Feather and find “Non-review: Destiny 2 by Bungie (developer)”, a post that begins: Nameless Midnight is my favorite

Paddington 2 – International Trailer
Paddington 2 opens in the UK on October 11, and the US on December 1. I like these international trailers much more when they have Japanese subtitles, but there’s no denying this one’s still a lot of fun. The much-anticipated

The Worst Movie Golden Bracket: The Finalizeling
By Hampus Eckerman: I have counted the number of votes for the different movies nominated by the filers. Now it is time to finalize the list before the bracket begins. Please take a look at the list below and add

Is Discovery Unloved?
By Carl Slaughter: Around the web in search of positive reviews of Discovery – and still searching (1) “I couldn’t believe how one dimensional the Discovery characters were. This Burnham chic has two gears. Intense, brooding, semi constipated, judgmental angry

Pixel Scroll 10/2/17 The World Will Always Welcome Pixels As Time Scrolls By
HERALDRY. The former astronaut, now Governor General of Canada Her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette, has an official Coat of Arms. Arms A symbol of exploration and liberty, an open wing embodies our desire to reach higher and

Inaugural Sputnik Award Winner Announced
At long last the 2015/2016 Sputnik Awards have been decided. View the finalists — N.K. Jemisin’s The Fifth Season and Naomi Novik’s Uprooted — duke it out to determine the winner. Zachary Freeman and Jo Lindsay Walton furnish the play-by-play commentary.

Somtow Wins European Cultural Achievement Award
Congratulations to Thai composer, conductor and sff writer Somtow Sucharitkul, winner of the 2017 European Award for Cultural Achievement given by the Kultur-Forum Europa (KFE). The KFE announced: KulturForum Europa / Europe Culture Forum has decided to award composer, conductor

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