AMAZING NEWS: 10-8-2017


Frank Wu’s Campaign Ad for Brianna Wu for Congress

Social Networks Amplify Far-Right Messages

Vegas Was Biggest Mass Murder in US History?  Well, Not, Actually  (your editor wasn’t even aware of some of these historical incidents)

Political Divide in America Widening

Cat Calls Happen More Often Than You Think

Get Ready for a WAY Conservative Court


Our Own Dianne Lynn Gardner Announces New Audio Release of An Unconventional Mr. Peabody, narrated by Brad Wills

Aquatic Pumpkin

“Hey, I know, lets create a religion from SF concepts…”

Astronaut Trek Cameos

Justice League BTS

Shatner and Elvira Shows Coming to Amazon

Shades of Hines and Scalzi (3 separate links there)

Ford & Gosling Talk BR2049

Long List Anthology 3 Funded

Mostly For Filers:  Felapton Creates a Text Adventure

Can “Sci Fi” Be Funny?  MacFarlane Thinks So

Amazon Working on Three New SF Shows

Revista de Pulpa!

Nuspeak, The Walking Dead Style


The NY Times is Becoming a Bastion for Black Female SF Authors:  Meet Nnedi Okorafar (officially, “Bastion” means, two or more)

A (maybe) genre Author Wins Nobel for Literature

Red Pandas, Rabid Puppies, SJWs and Fandom

Anyone can contribute to My Fandom, My Story

Help Save a Trek Museum (snark:  after Discovery, we’re going to need museums to show us what Star Trek was all about)

Czech Convention Coming

Con Report:  Eurocon 2017

British Fantasy Awards 2017

OMNI Back in Print – Coming Soon

Heliosphere Announces New Guest


NOW you know what a Rolligon looks like!

Molecular Robot

October’s Night Skies

30 Meter Scope in Hawaii Goes Ahead…Maybe Not

Gravity Wins!

Methane Ice Spears on Pluto

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