Harassment Scandal Reaches Swedish Academy
By Hampus Eckerman: File 770 has reported on the Nobel Prize before (with regards to Dylan), so this might be of interest. First some background. The #metoo is an enormous thing in Sweden now in a way it can’t really

2017 Novellapalooza
[Editor’s note: be sure to read the comments on this post for more novellas and more Filer reviews.] By JJ: I’m a huge reader of novels, but not that big on short fiction. But the last couple of years, I’ve

Pixel Scroll 11/21/2017 Come On Over For Scrolled Pixel With All The Trimmings
TOWARD A MORE GRAMMATICAL HELL. McSweeney’s John Rauschenberg explains it all to you in “Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell, Reimagined for Linguistic Transgressions”. First Circle (Limbo): Autocorrect Here wander the otherwise virtuous souls who were forced into grievous errors

Rance Howard (1928-2017)
By Steve Green: Rance Howard, US actor and screenwriter, died November 25, aged 89. Father of actor Clint and actor/director Ron. Appearances of genre interest include Night Gallery (one episode, 1971), Battlestar Galactica (one episode, 1978), Mork & Mindy (one episode, 1981), Innerspace

Pixel Scroll 11/25/17 In The Scrolling, The Mighty Scrolling, The Pixel Scrolls Tonight
A-WEEMA-WEH. Derek Kunsken, one of the guests of honor, tells Black Gate readers about “The 4th International Science Fiction Conference, Chengdu, China, November 2017”. Among the international guests were authors Michael Swanwick and Ted Komsatska from the USA, Taiyo

Pixel Scroll 11/24/17 It’s Only 37 Pixel Scrolls To Christmas
NYT NOTABLES. Here are some of the New York Times’ picks for the “100 Notable Books of 2017”. THE BOOK OF JOAN. By Lidia Yuknavitch. (Harper/HarperCollins, $26.99.) In this brilliant novel, Earth, circa 2049, has been devastated by global

Sci-Fi Roundup for November 24
Compiled by Carl Slaughter. (1) The Joss Whedon Wonder Woman movie that wasn’t (fortunately). ScreenRant reveals “15 Things You Didn’t Know About Joss Whedon’s Canceled Wonder Woman Movie”. Cobie Smulders was (maybe) going to be Wonder Woman Whedon ended his post

Pixel Scroll 11/23/17 Secondfox Scrollbit In My Pixelmoth
JURASSIC PEEK. Colin Trevorrow, co-writer of Jurassic World: Hidden Kingdom, sent out a tweet with the first six seconds of this 2018 film. From our Jurassic family to yours. @FilmBayona @PrattPrattPratt @BryceDHoward @LeDoctor #FALLENKINGDOM — Colin Trevorrow (@colintrevorrow)

FANAC Fan History Project Update 4
From the press release by Joe Siclari “Keeping You Abreast of the Past” November 20, 2017 Here are some highlights of the last 6 months: Fan History Spotlight: Nearly everyone has heard of the Cosmic Circle and Claude Degler’s notorious

Sci-Fi Roundup for November 23
Compiled by Carl Slaughter. (1) From about 30 seconds to about 1 minute and 45 seconds is delicious verbal sparing between Aquaman and Batman that I haven’t seen in any other trailer. And no battlefield screaming and grunting and no

A Visit with Robby the Robot
By Steve Vertlieb: With the most beloved robot in movie history…the original “Robby, The Robot” from Forbidden Planet. Robby and I met at film director William Malone’s home and, for me, this was a lifelong dream come true. Robby captured

Pixel Scroll 11/22/17 By Jove, Who Scrolled The Quartz Monkey Pixel Fudge?
WORLDCON 76 HOTEL RESERVATIONS. Worldcon 76 emailed the passkey to members today and opened reservations today at 1 p.m. Pacific time. Wow. Worldcon 76 members reserved over 4000 room nights since we distributed the reservations link this afternoon. Wow.

Barkley — So Glad You (Didn’t) Ask: A Column of Unsolicited Opinions — #20
The Pre- Last Jedi Fall Movie & TV Roundup By Chris M. Barkley: Replicants are like any other machine. They’re either a benefit or a hazard. If they’re a benefit, it’s not my problem.” Rick Deckard, Blade Runner Blade Runner

AggieCon Will Skip A Year
Cepheid Variable, the Texas A&M University student group that hosts AggieCon, says university has requested that the convention take a year off. No explanation was given for the request. The group, which says AggieCon is the oldest, largest student-run fan

How Robby the Robot Was Salvaged
By Alan White: Pretty cool about Robby the Robot going for millions. I wrote about this in Delineator so long ago, and just wanted to add a bit to the story FYI. Following the MGM auction in 1970, I was

2018 Worldcon Hotel Reservations Open 11/22
Worldcon 76 in San Jose will open hotel reservations for members on November 22. The official announcement on the convention website reads: The Number One Question we’ve been asked since spring is “When will room reservations open?” We have just

Delany Campaigns to Make Katherine MacLean a SFWA Grand Master
Samuel R. Delany called on SFWA today to honor Katherine MacLean as a Grand Master: Let’s make Kathryn McLean [sic] a Grand Master of Science Fiction. She is in her 90’s and the award can only go to a living

Robby the Robot Auction Result
Forbidden Planet’s Robby the Robot sold today for $5,375,000 including premium at Bonhams “TCM Presents…Out of this World!” auction. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1956. Original Robby the Robot suit consisting of three main interlocking sections: His intricate “head,” the upper torso with bellows-jointed

Pixel Scroll 11/20/17 I’ll Be Over Here Eating My Lunch Alone On The Pixelground
TURKEY FIRST. ULTRAGOTHA chastized me for yesterday’s Scroll title: Mike, Mike, Mike. Please. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet! Can’t we have our Pixellated Turkey with Scrollbean Casserole and all the fixins before being subject to Scrollnuts Roasting on an

Randy Byers (1960-2017)
Seattle fan Randy Byers, known even more for his hospitality and friendliness than for his many fannish achievements, died November 20 of cancer. Randy had shared publicly about having glioblastoma in December 2015, and about the surgery and treatments he’d

Clarke Foundation Names 2017 Arthur C. Clarke Award Winners
The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation will present its annual awards at the “Unleash The Imagination” conference on December 9 at George Washington University. The 2017 winners are: Lifetime Achievement Award Stephen Hawking (by video), PhD, Theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author and

Swarovski Crystal Star Wars Figures
John King Tarpinian snapped this photo of Swarovski’s window display at his local mall. Just won the lottery and need the right holiday gift for the Star Wars fan in your life? That’s the price level we’re talking about, for … Continue reading

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