AMAZING NEWS: 11/26/17

The saddest aspect of life right now is that science fiction gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.  Dr. I. Asimov


FCC To Destroy Net Neutrality

More on NN

Storm Trooper Costumes Banned From Princeton U. Reunion (that’s not really the issue.  The issue is the reunion organizers claiming to never have made the connection between Nazi storm troopers and the iconic gang who couldn’t shoot straight from Star Wars.)

Facebook is now going to tell you if you are a fool

Predator-in-Chief’s Known Targets

If You Are Currently Indulging, You Probably Don’t Care:  A Comparison of Alcohol and Marijuana


Awesome Women of NASA Lego Sets

Museum Renovations Include Homage to Amazing Stories (via Farrell McGovern)

Is Technological Growth Over-Powering Our Wisdom?

Slippery Stairs:  The KInd of Gameshow Any Number of SF Authors Could Have (and should have) Invented

Lloyd A Meeker on Genre Talk

The Planet Express Ship Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

The Nine Circles of Writer’s Hell

See the NSFW Image Below:  This Statue of a Saint Has Been Covered Up (it’s funnier if you have to scroll down to see it)

You Know How Our Tech Seems to Be Outpacing Our Wisdom?  Keep That in Mind For This Next Piece:  Flat Earther to Launch Aboard Steam Rocket

Everyone Wants to Pet Baby Dinosaurs

Agents of Shield Season 5 Photo Shoot

Read GotG Vol. 2 Script Online

2018 SF Film Releases

Vintage Space Toys – Supersized!

The Physics of Wonder Woman

NYRSFR Festival of Singing Friends

Dark Star and the Future

Why Critics Hate It and Viewers Love It:  The Orville


David Brin Introduces TASAT (There’s A Story About That) Crowd-Sourced SF Think Tank

FANAC Fan History Project Updates

Patrick Rothfus on academic snobbery

Academics Have Been Snobbish Since At Least the 1950s (via Roger Christenson)

Arizona Fandom (eg fannish things in Arizona, not people gushing on the state)

NavyCon (Yes, the academy hosted a convention)

How to Cover a Rocket Launch With Just Your Phone

Interview a NASA Astronaut Pre-Flight

Some Thoughts on Literary Agents

Game of Thrones Episode Hacker Charged

Why Andy Weir Writes

N.K. Jemisin, Others on NY Times Book Review List of 100 Notable Books of 2017


Peddle Faster:  Earth’s Slowing Rotation Leads to More Earthquakes

Dreamchaser Glides to Test Completion

RAMA Has Entered Our Solar System

First Human Gene Editing Procedure

Dog Reviews Academic Journal Submissions

If You’ve Got a Traversable Wormhole, You Can Escape From a Black Hole

Plasma Ring Created Using High Pressure Water and a Glass Plate (Makes me wonder what’s going on inside my dishwasher!)

Must Be Hurricane Season on Jupiter (cause there’s no monoliths)

2017’s Brightest Supermoon Coming Soon

The Physics of Wonder Woman


Catholic School Statue a bit too suggestive….

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