Getting Ready To Run

The following musings are pretty much of a downer, so if you were already starting to have a nice day, it’s probably best to skip it.

Over the past week, the Trump administration has begun to shut down the press; CBP agents are engaging in acts of intimidation during domestic flight deplaning, the FBI has been requested to engage in political activities on behalf of the administration, immigration raids are being conducted, an executive order rolling back protections for minorities was signed and, as I feared, the Trump blather machine is beginning to put many people to sleep – as it is designed to do.

Several years ago while on a trip from southern New Hampshire to the White Mountains (northern NH) my wife and I were stopped by a CBP road block and asked to produce our identification/proof of citizenship.

I was incensed.  Yes, we were within 100 miles of an external border, but it represented a reversal of the maxim that one is innocent until proven guilty, outside of a court and under the control of an authority that reserved the right to “detain” me (indefinitely) if I failed to cooperate.

(I could have pulled off the hiway, taken local roads to the next exit and gotten back on, a fact that lends a lie to any claims of border protection that might be made to justify this extra-governmental action.)

With an executive order on the table that allows states to determine who is and who is not protected by law and other actions by the administration designed to hunt down and round up illegal immigrants, how much longer is it going to be before we start seeing state-sponsored checkpoints at all internal borders?  I can’t help but be reminded of my Philadelphia friend who would religiously site a mantra whenever he crossed a bridge into New Jersey:  “Welcome to East Berlin”.

That mantra was originally inspired by NJ’s then restrictive gun laws AND the uniforms of the state police, designed to evoke those flashy SS boots-n-bridle WWII uniforms.  Now it may not be so funny.

The other thing we’ve seen is a steep rise in antisemitism:  It’s not overt on the part of the administration (which of late seems to be giving lip service to denial), but only because it doesn’t have to be:  its meant to intimidate enough to keep a vocal minority concentrating on its own problems and less likely to agitate on other’s behalf.  Divide and conquer, plain and simple.

The signs and portents could not be any clearer for anyone who is willing to see them.

I can’t run.  I’m stuck in place by my current circumstances.  But if I weren’t, I’d be getting ready – travel bag packed, full tank of gas in the car and a few tricks up my sleeve.  I think the Canadians are still accepting political refugees – except:

According to the Canada-US Safe Third Country Agreement, which came into effect on December 29, 2004, unless certain exceptions apply, a person is ineligible to make a refugee claim at the Canada-United States border because the US is considered a “Safe Third Country.”

On the other hand –

In addition, Canada allows private organizations or persons to identify and sponsor individuals who meet the admissibility and eligibility requirements under Canadian law.

I guess I’m lucky.   I know a lot of fans in Canada.  I’m formally requesting that they look into the above and have an application ready.  Leave the name blank for now.  I doubt I’ll be the only person needing it.


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