Trekking Cross the Ringworld

…is what I’ll be doing today.  Sans flycycle, sans stepping discs and seemingly, with the Lying Bastard strapped to my back.

In other words, today begins the physical move to Amazing Stories new, (soon to be) custom built Headquarters.  (As in – da basement.)

The new HQ shall encompass the following features:

stacksa massive corner desk suitable for stacking paper piles of unusual size

Huge-librarya library with enough shelving for ALL of my books (those I already have and those I will be acquiring)

stagea green screened mini film studio for both audio and video recording

jacob-gayer-gutenberg-bible-in-three-volumes-on-display-in-washington-dccustom display of most of the first issues of science fiction and fantasy magazines from 1926 on

Paper_Stacks_in_Warehouse_Picracked storage for holding magazines prior to distribution (!) (???)

Constitution_class_original_recreationa comfy meeting area adjacent to a small food & beverage prep and storage area

louvre5walls suitable for hanging all manner of posters and displaying all manner of kitsch

a  Trace Compression Block engine slaved to a Warp Core


Forbidden Planet - DC stations 2two D.C. Stations

gortone GORT behind glass with a sign reading “In case of human stupidity, break glass”

one Guardian of Forever

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