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Beth Cato’s Clockwork and Breath of Earth Series
By Carl Slaughter: “Wings of Sorrow and Bone,” a novella in the Clockwork series, gained steampunk author Beth Cato a Nebula nomination. The first novel in the series, The Clockwork Dagger, was nominated for a Locus Award. The second, The … Continue reading →

Kate Baker: Voice of Clarkesworld, and SFWA Operations Director
By Carl Slaughter: If you’re a podcast fan, you’ve probably heard Kate Baker’s voice. She is the narrator for Clarkesworld and has narrated for several other major podcast sites. If you’re a SFWA member, you’ve benefited from her behind the scenes work … Continue reading →

Tad Williams’ Next Trilogy
By Carl Slaughter: Tad Williams has been called “The American Tolkien.” His Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn series has been called “The fantasy equivalent of War and Peace.” George R.R. Martin and Patrick Rothfuss both cite Williams as their inspiration, as … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 9/17/16 Mjölnir She Wrote
(1) FANAC FANHISTORY YOUTUBE CHANNEL. The FANAC Fan History Project has a website at with over 20,000 pages of photos, fanzines, references and other material. Their Youtube Channel will be used to provide a variety of audio and video recordings … Continue reading →

2016 WSFA Small Press Award Finalists
The Washington Science Fiction Association (WSFA) announced the finalists for the 2016 WSFA Small Press Award for Short Fiction on August 9: “The Art of Deception,” by Stephanie Burgis in Insert Title Here, ed. by Tehani Wessely, published by Fablecroft Publishing, … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 9/16/16 Amok Pixel
(1) HE’S FROM THE FUTURE. Dennis Mathis tells how he learned to understand “the reader” in “The Future Began on a Tuesday” at the SFWA Blog. The future was twenty-five years old and not getting any younger when I was … Continue reading →

Richard Kadrey and Death and Hell
By Carl Slaughter: For the past 8 years, Richard Kadrey has released a novel in his popular Sandman Slim series on average once a year. Perdition Score, the 9th in the series, came out in June. In the spring, he … Continue reading →

Bezos Receives Heinlein Prize
Jeff Bezos, founder of Blue Origin, who was named winner of the Heinlein Prize on June 20, accepted the $250,000 award Wednesday evening at an event at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. The billionaire pledged to donate the money to Students … Continue reading →

Baen Ebooks Offers Pinbeam Press Ebooks on Retail Site
Baen Books has struck an agreement with Pinbeam Books to offer 15 ebooks and ebook story collections by Liaden Universe® creators Sharon Lee and Steve Miller on the Baen Ebooks web site. Pinbeam Books is a Maine-based publisher offering many works … Continue reading →

That Book Silverlock
By John Hertz (reprinted from Vanamonde 1213): After John Myers’ Silverlock was published in 1949 it languished two decades until Terry Carr at Ace published a paperback (1969). In 1979, while Jim Baen was at Ace, his arm was twisted … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 9/15/16 Scroll On the Water, Pixels In The Sky
(1) A BEST EDITOR WINNER. SFFWorld interviewed editor Ellen Datlow: A working life spent reading SF, Fantasy, and horror short stories sounds like a dream come true. Are there down sides to being an editor? Do you have any advice … Continue reading →

Moana Official Trailer From Disney
Moana is due in theaters on Thanksgiving.… Continue reading →

Heinlein Installed in Hall of Famous Missourians
While I missed reporting a lot of news stories while I was hospitalized, I want to pick up the ending of a story I’ve been following for a couple years – Robert A. Heinlein’s induction to the Hall of Famous … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 9/14/16 A Trans-Atlantic Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Hurrah!
(1) VALUE OF SPECIAL THEME ISSUES. Neil Clarke has written a blog post, “Specials”, to discuss what he learned from a discussion he launched yesterday on Twitter. So yesterday I took to Twitter to get an answer to a question … Continue reading →

2016 Sunburst Awards
The winners of the 2016 Sunburst Awards for excellence in Canadian literature of the fantastic were announced on September 14. This year marked the first time a Sunburst has been given in the Short Story category. 2016 Sunburst Award for … Continue reading →

My “Immersive Transmedia” Experience with Edgar Allan Poe
By Martin Morse Wooster: I’ve been in many strange places in my lifetime. But I spent the night of September 12 in an insane asylum! Well, it wasn’t really an insane asylum. It was the Torpedo Factory Arts Center in … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 9/13/16 I Know Why The Crottled Greep Pings
(1) TALKING ABOUT “DESTROY” OR “DIG” COLLECTIONS? Neil Clarke, editor of Clarkesworld, raises the question of whether special collections for underrepresented communities is a good idea. I have this unfinished editorial on my desktop. It’s been there for months because … Continue reading →

The Joe Ledger Books by Jonathan Maberry
By Carl Slaughter: For an alarming premise, an ambitious plot, a high stakes mission, an ensemble cast, deeply developed main characters, vivid conversations and internal narrative, philosophical pondering, classic battle scenes, and global scale, you’d be hard pressed to find … Continue reading →

Hard Luck Hank
By Carl Slaughter: Hard Luck Hank is a one-liner spewing giant mutant who is virtually impervious to pain and bullets. He dresses like a pimp and dates an assassin. Depending on the sequel, Hank is mercenary, muscle, bouncer, negotiator, chief … Continue reading →

27th Annual Galaxy Award Winners
China’s Galaxy Awards were presented at a ceremony held September 8. Here is a list of the winners in translation from this source. The Google doc incudes the original Chinese titles. (The characters don’t reproduce on my WordPress, so I … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 9/12/16 A Friend of the Pixel is a Friend of Mine
(1) NEWS AND VERSE. Ursula K. LeGuin told her blog readers about a recent medical problem: I’m sorry about not keeping up my blog posts, but everything got interrupted for me this summer when my congenital heart murmur (leaky valve) … Continue reading →

2016 First Fandom Awards
The First Fandom Awards for 2016 were given during the Retro Hugo Awards Ceremony at the World Science Fiction Convention in Kansas City on Thursday , August 18. Elected to the First Fandom Hall of Fame Ben Bova Joseph Wrzos Inducted into the … Continue reading →

Giuliano Carnimeo (1932-2016)
Giuliano Carnimeo: Italian film director and screenwriter, died 10 September, aged 84. Occasionally used the pseudonym Anthony Ascott. Best known for spaghetti westerns, his other films included The Case of the Bloody Iris (1972), Exterminators of the Year 3000 (1983) … Continue reading →

NYRSF Readings Celebrate 50 Years of Star Trek
By Mark Blackman: On the evening of Thursday, Sept. 8, 2016 (or Star Date [-27] 04610.00), the New York Review of Science Fiction Readings Series boldly commemorated the 50th anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek on NBC-tv with a … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 9/11/16 Infinite Pixels in Infinite Scrolls
(1) THAT FONT. The following video about comics lettering is via Mark Evanier’s News From ME, who recommended it while also offering one correction: The gent who did it knows a lot about his subject but no one seems to … Continue reading →

2016 Serling Award Recipients
The Rod Serling Foundation has named the 2016 winners of The Serling Award, who have proven adept at keeping the master’s name alive, Throughout his writing and educational careers, Mr. Serling provoked thought wherever his influence reached. His pen planted … Continue reading →

Star Trek: Legacies
By Carl Slaughter: Star Trek: Legacies. A new trilogy. Based on the original series. From Pocket Books. STAR TREK LEGACIES #1 Captain to Captain by Greg Cox June 2016 Hidden aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise is a secret that has been … Continue reading →

Versatile Greg Cox: Star Trek Novels and Much More
By Carl Slaughter: Speculative novelizer Greg Cox does Star Trek. Lots of Star Trek. Original series, 7 novels; Khan and Q, 3 each; Next Generation, Voyager, and Deep Space 9, one each. His Captain to Captain, the first in a … Continue reading →

2016 Harvey Awards
The 2016 Harvey Awards were presented at the Baltimore Comic-Con on September 3. The Harvey Awards are given annually to the creators and publications receiving the most votes from the industry’s comics professionals and publishers. The award is named for Harvey … Continue reading →

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