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Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Finn Banner, by Jose A Gonzalez Calderon – Ratohnhaketon645 on DeviantArt

The vast majority of fan art depicting Finn shows him in a traditional male hero fighter pose, lightsaber at the ready. Which is odd, because for much of the movie, this character just wants to run away. Of the Rey Poe Finn trio, Finn is definitely the one who is least inclined to seek out a physical fight. And when he is forced into one, he barely knows how to wield his weapon.

His courage is of a different kind: his morality is so strong that he is able to follow his conscience and walk away from his no doubt severely brainwashed upbringing as a storm trooper, deprived of most of normal human experience, and expected to do just one thing: kill the First Order’s enemies. And within the context of the thought system he has been raised in, that makes him, simply, a traitor.

Poe Dameron fan art is much less plentiful – fair enough, the character only plays a relatively minor role in The Force Awakens, and is not yet fully developed. We know he has swagger, and we know he hangs out with the most cuddly pet robot in the known universe, but what is his backstory? What drives him? Hopefully we will find out in the next movie. Is he a childhood friend of Kylo Ren’s? What will his relationship with Rey be, if and when they get to spend time together? And how will his relationship with Finn develop?

As far as romantic pairings go, if the movie was trying to make us believe that Rey and Finn will get it on, it has spectacularly failed. I only found one single image that suggests as much as a kiss between the two. While there is quite a bit of Rey & Finn art, it generally shows them as a team: friends and allies who support each other, not a romantic pair.

Most artists who fantasize about love affairs between fictional characters, seem to want to pair Rey with Kylo Ren (yuck!) — but there are also quite a few who want to see her end up with Poe, rather than Finn. I don’t quite see how there is any basis for this in the actual movie, seeing that the two characters barely meet. But I do think that Finn and Poe falling in love would definitely be a plausible plot line, and while I don’t have much faith in Disney actually going all that way, it is kind of heartening that a substantial section of the fan art community agrees.

I Was Raised To Do One Thing, by DarthFar on DeviantArt
Finn, by MattFat on DeviantArt
Star Wars Force Awakens Finn Fan Art, by Noe Leyva – Noe-Leyva on DeviantArt
Finn, by Jong Yi – aiholic on DeviantArt
STAR WARS: Finn, by Qistina Khalidah – qissus on DeviantArt
[Star Wars] Awakening, by 13lolol on DeviantArt
Finn, by David James Willet – M00SE-Lee on DeviantArt
Traitor Finn, by Matías Soto López – MatiasSoto on DeviantArt
Star Wars – Big Deal, by bishounenizer on DeviantArt
Minimalist Finn (Star Wars 7), by Paula Miranda – imaqtpaah on DeviantArt
John Boyega, by Mainframe110 on DeviantArt
I Can Fly Anything, by DarthFar on DeviantArt
Poe, by Diana Klein – scary-scenes on DeviantArt
Poe Dameron XWing Manga Anime Style, by akyanyme on DeviantArt
Poe Dameron Strut, by Joe Eisma – Supajoe on DeviantArt
There is no place like home, by WoelfinNishi on DeviantArt
Poe Dameron and BB-8 on D’Qar, by Matthew E. Dempsey – Sketchy-raptor on DeviantArt
Please Mr Kenobi, by KatieArts on DeviantArt
The Force Awakens Highschool AU, by Natalia Trykowska – verauko on DeviantArt
Star Wars: Finn and Rey Pencil, by Jon Christopher Pendergraft – ChrisPendergraft on DeviantArt
dont let it go away [finn x rey], by Sharon Samples – artgyrl on DeviantArt
Stormpilot, by rofDrLachfinger on DeviantArt
Star Wars VII : Drinking buddies, by Simetrah on DeviantArt
SW: TFA, by Withoutafuss on DeviantArt

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