Calling All Fans to 1940!

Calling all Fan Historians! Lets make 1940 the most comprehensively reviewed year in the genre!

61XbtAcuSaLFutures Past Editions (official licensee of Amazing Stories) has altered their publishing schedule to accommodate this year’s Retro Hugo Awards.

The press has been working on (among other things) a series of anthologies comprising the best works from each year of Amazing Stories, beginning with 1926.  1927 and 1928 editions are in various stages of completion and will be published shortly (one needs only a last go-over and the other is in copy-editing).

However, the regular annual schedule has been interrupted in order to publish The Best of Amazing Stories – The 1940 Anthology.

This anthology will be available in both Ebook and POD editions, and is being presented at an introductory price (meaning “low”) in order to make some of 1940’s best works available to as many readers as possible.

The publication of this anthology is being coordinated with Amazing Stories’ series of articles on the year of 1940.

The Retro Hugo Awards that will be presented at MidAmeriCon II in 2016 offers a very interesting opportunity to fans and voters. 1940 is a year in which it is possible to cover virtually the entire field of science fiction, fantasy and horror in both their literary and cinematic forms.

Reprints, archives, and the ready-availability of used books make it more possible than ever before for to obtain much of the material published in 1940.

Along with our own efforts here at Amazing Stories (and through our partners, Futures Past Editions), we would like to encourage both legacy publications – Analog Science & Fiction (formerly Astounding Science Fiction) and Weird Tales – to provide resources to readers in the field that will help them judge their 1940 contributions.

We would also like to encourage readers who are familiar with the works of 1940 to write about them – either through their own resources or here on Amazing Stories (we’ll be happy to publish guest reviews of 1940s fiction, artwork, publications and anything else that fits into one of the Retro Hugo Award categories).

Lets get crackin! We have a unique opportunity with the 1940 Retro Hugo Awards to comprehensively review the entirety of the annual output of the field!

(If you’d like to contribute a review or essay here, please contact the editor. (We’re particularly looking for help with 1940 fanzines and the artists/artwork of the day.)

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