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Pixel Scroll 8/15 “Ward, I’m Worried About the Marmot”

The editor fails to hide how ornery all this Puppy news makes him, in today’s Scroll. (1) D23 is this weekend and attendees received this Drew Struzan poster for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s a souvenir edition — Struzan will … Continue reading →

Provine Wins 2015 Baen Fantasy Adventure Award

Jeff Provine has won the 2015 Baen Fantasy Adventure Award Grand Prize with his short story “Kiss from a Queen.” First Runner-up was Katherine Monasterio for her short story “Trappists,” and Second Runner-up was Joseph L. Kellogg for “Shell Game.” Baen also recognized … Continue reading →

Sasquan Decides Not To Ban Antonelli

Sasquan has decided that Lou Antonelli’s letter to the Spokane PD about David Gerrold violated its Code of Conduct, but at Gerrold’s request set aside a decision to ban him for the reasons discussed in the following public statement. The Executive … Continue reading →

Miller Wins 2015 Munsey Award

Stephen T. Miller is the winner of the 2015 Munsey Award given by Pulpfest to a person who has worked for the betterment of the pulp community. Miller was selected in a vote of all living Lamont, Munsey, and Rusty Award winners (awards also given … Continue reading →

Hugo Poll at Amazing Stories

Amazing Stories is running a poll asking what people think will happen at the Hugo Awards next week. Amazing Stories wants to know what you think is going to happen, so we’re conducting a simple little poll. Do you think it … Continue reading →

From Coast-to-Coast in the Blink of a Red-Eye.

By James Bacon: It was a warm sunny Sunday in Burlington, Massachusetts, and people were relaxed, sitting and chatting outside the Marriott Hotel where Readercon was being held. I walked into the relative calmness of Readercon, a quietness that belies … Continue reading →

2015 Munsey Award Nominees

The 2015 nominees for Pulpfest’s Munsey Award have been announced. The annual award, named for Frank A. Munsey, publisher of the first pulp magazine, recognizes someone who has contributed to the betterment of the pulp community through disseminating knowledge, publishing, … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 8/14 Tom Swift and His Positronic Pixels

High dudgeon, low dudgeon, and dudgeon in between, all in today’s Scroll. (1) Liz Lutgendorff tells New Statesman readers that the books on NPR’s list of 100 best fantasy and sci-fi novels aren’t all that. When it comes to the … Continue reading →

Uncanny Magazine Launches Kickstarter To Fund Year Two

Uncanny Magazine is raising funds through Kickstarter to cover some of its operation and production costs for the second year. Half of the initial goal of $18,700 was raised the first day but more is needed before the appeal ends … Continue reading →

2015 Parsec Awards Finalists

The shortlist for the 2015 Parsec Awards has been released. The award is given for excellence in science fiction podcasting. The winners will be announced at Dragon*Con. So far as I can tell, none of the Hugo nominated fancasts made the … Continue reading →

South Pasadena Library to Commemorate Ray Bradbury’s 95th Birthday

The South Pasadena Public Library will host a 95th Birthday Celebration honoring Ray Bradbury (1920-2012) in Community Room on Saturday, August 22 at 7:00 p.m. The event will feature a screening of Fahrenheit 451, the scorching 1966 feature film directed … Continue reading →

On Spec Suspends Print Edition

For the second consecutive year On Spec’s application for funding from the Canada Council for the Arts has been denied. The magazine already made cost reductions and made appeals for support through Patreon, so the next thing to go is … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 8/13 Mission: Insufferable

Check your tickets. The winning numbers today are 4 and 770. (1) Our Fantastic Four correspondent James H. Burns has discovered a website for an imaginary 1963-1964 FF television series with many clever faux production photos. Elizabeth Montgomery and Russell … Continue reading →

The Moon and The Sun Trailer To Premiere at Sasquan

Sasquan will present the world premiere of the trailer of Guest of Honor Vonda N. McIntyre’s upcoming film The Moon and The Sun starring Pierce Brosnan and Kaya Scodelario. It will be shown at McIntyre’s interview on Saturday, August 22, at 3 … Continue reading →

Someone Who Deserves Recognition

By James H. Burns: There can be longtime contributors to the world of fantasy and science fiction who somehow never get not only the notice they may well deserve, but no attention, whatsoever, in the genre press. Ron Forman ran … Continue reading →

Rex Stout on Language

By John Hertz: These days we have some of the diversity for which we clamored so long. Not enough, in my opinion, but more than before. One by-product is that it can less than ever be assumed what people have … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 8/12 Scroll My Tears, the Policeman Said

Pompeii, Krakatoa, Sasquan — only one of them was a science fiction convention… (1) Dilbert bypasses actual writing to work on social media marketing for his sci-fi novel. Yes, sometimes there is a fine line between documentary and parody. (2) SF … Continue reading →

Carrie Cuinn Straightens Out Sasquan

Sasquan did consult Carrie Cuinn about Lou Antonelli’s online statements about her and the threats she received as a result (Cuinn’s account was quoted here yesterday), however, the convention subsequently represented her answer as a request not to ban him — … Continue reading →

Let’s Reboot Fantastic Four – 770 Style

By James H. Burns: A Fantastic 4 movie is relatively so simple, with no need to invent a whole new gobbledygook of an origin story… Last night, thinking about the generally poor reception to the new Fantastic 4 film, I … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 8/11 Award not for whom the puppies troll

These are the times that try men’s Scrolls. (1) Dilbert is still not at work on his sci-fi novel. (2) Blogger and Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik is opening a new venue for her writing: I am founding this … Continue reading →

Walton’s Tiptree Win Celebrated at Borderlands Books

When Jo Walton and Monica Byrne won 2014 Tiptree Awards for their novels, Walton was unable to attend the presentation at WisCon because she was serving as GoH at Balticon that weekend. Everyone concerned agreed it would be quite convenient for Walton to be feted … Continue reading →
Horvath TAFF Itinerary

Horvath TAFF Itinerary

By Jim Mowatt: Nina Horvath will be traveling as TAFF delegate to North America on August 12 to start her revels in Seattle before moving on to Spokane, California, Las Vegas and Toronto. Many of you will meet her at … Continue reading →

Sasquan Did Consult Cuinn

Carrie Cuinn states on Facebook that Sasquan, which earlier announced it will not ban Lou Antonelli, did inquire if she wanted the committee to address what he wrote about her. The Sasquan Con Committee has asked if I want Lou Antonelli investigated … Continue reading →

Sasquan Decides Not To Ban Antonelli

Sasquan has decided that Lou Antonelli’s letter to the Spokane PD about David Gerrold violated its Code of Conduct, but at Gerrold’s request set aside a decision to ban him for the reasons discussed in the following public statement.  Continue reading →

Sasquan Posts Committee Reports to Business Meeting

For your advance reading pleasure, Sasquan has posted these committee reports being submitted to the business meeting. C.1.1 Mark Protection Committee (Including Nominations for MPC) C.2.1 Nitpicking & Flyspecking Committee C.2.2 Worldcon Runners Guide Editorial Committee C.3.1 Formalization of Long … Continue reading

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