Rosarium Publishing To Release Sunspot Jungle
2018 will mark Rosarium Publishing’s fifth anniversary. To celebrate, they will be releasing a two-volume SFF anthology, entitled Sunspot Jungle: The Ever-Expanding Universe of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Publisher/editor Bill Campbell says: I looked upon it as throwing a little

Strahan Reveals ToC for Best SFF Volume 12
Editor Jonathan Strahan has announced the table of contents for his Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year: Volume 12 with stories from 2017. He said: As anthologists always do, I wish I’d had more space to include other

Celebrate the Clarke Centenary with a Book Cover Parade
By Bill Higgins: Today is the 100th anniversary of Sir Arthur C. Clarke’s birth. I would’ve liked to attend a Clarke centennial event of some kind, but I live far away from any of them. I did celebrate in a

Pixel Scroll 12/16/17 The Hoboken Pixel Emergency
#MAPPINGFANTASY. Alex Acks and Paul Weimer taught their “Mapping Fantasy” online class today. Cat Rambo tweeted the highlights – jump onto the thread here: Political maps show the political entities: boundaries, capitals, territories. @PrinceJvstin #mappingfantasy — ?RainbowRiotRambo? (@Catrambo) December

What a Coincidence
By John Hertz: I’m a known Jane Austen fan, so you’ll expect me to point out it’s her birthday. I gladly call her one of the greatest writers in the world — yes, along with Shakespeare and Lady Murasaki. Thanks

An Earlier Clarke Birthday Celebration
By Bill Higgins: As the world celebrates the 100th anniversary of Arthur C. Clarke’s birth, allow me to share a photocopy I recently rediscovered. In 1977 my college SF club, the Michigan State University Science Fiction Society, noted that Clarke’s

Pixel Scroll 12/15/17 You’ve Got The Wrong Android, I Scroll My Name Danger
HE DOOD IT. How could he not? “Wil Wheaton Wears ‘Star Trek’ Uniform To ‘Star Wars’ FOR REAL”. Life gloriously imitated art Thursday when actor Wil Wheaton wore a “Star Trek” costume to a screening of “Star Wars: The

How to Write Criticism
By John Hertz: Actually it’s a lesson from Hilaire Belloc. He (1870-1953) wrote 150 books; his comic poems Cautionary Tales for Children (1907) include “Rebecca, who Slammed Doors for Fun and Perished Miserably”; two of his essay collections are On

Review: Philip Pullman’s La Belle Sauvage
By Daniel P. Dern: La Belle Sauvage (note, ‘sauvage’ appears to translate to ‘wild’ or ‘unspoiled’ rather than ‘savage’) is the first of a new trilogy from Pullman, set in the same universe (figuratively and literally, arguably) as his His

Barkley — So Glad You (Didn’t) Ask: A Column of Unsolicited Opinions — #21
Review: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi By Chris M. Barkley: Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi (****, 2017) with Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Adam Driver, Andy Serkis, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew and

Pixel Scroll 12/14/17 Don’t Crush That Scroll, Hand Me The Pixels
THE CLOCK IS DRIPPING. Mary Anne Mohanraj reminds everyone today’s the last day for becoming a founding sponsor of the Speculative Literature Foundation on Drip. Minimum is a buck a month. The Speculative Literature Foundation encourages promising new writers,

It Could Happen to You
By John Hertz: One-third through Henry Hardy’s monumental four-volume Letters of the monumental Isaiah Berlin (IB 1909-1997; Flourishing 1928-1946, Enlightening 1946-1960, Building 1960-1975, Affirming 1975-1997, some 3.000 pages, completed 2015), I came across this innocently-presented footnote (Enlightening p. 197 n.

Pixel Scroll 12/13/17 It’s Crackers To Scroll A Rozzer The Pixel In Snide
RECOMMENDED BY NINE OUT OF TEN. The BBC scanned the media and concluded: “Star Wars: The Last Jedi has critics in raptures”. (Except for Variety and The Verge.) “Rousing.” “Thrilling.” “Addictively bold.” Just a few of the superlatives the

2017 Additions To National Film Registry
“Is this Heaven?” Well, it is if you love Field of Dreams as much as I do. Or liked Christopher Reeve’s Superman, Disney’s Dumbo, or The Goonies. All are motion pictures on the list of 2017 additions to the National

Patreon Cancels Fee Changes, Will Find A Different Fix
Patreon’s Jack Conte has walked back the controversial new fee structure that was scheduled to go into effect later this month, with the implied promise the company will find a solution to its problems that doesn’t hurt creators. Conte’s statement,

Pixel Scroll 12/12/17 If You Don’t Scroll Your Files, You Can’t Have Any Pudding!
THE DOCTOR’S OLD BOSS HAS MORE TO SAY. In Part III of the Radio Times interview we learn “What are Steven Moffat’s Desert Island Doctor Whos – and why did Matt Smith ‘punch his pillow in frustration’?” Apart from

Suzanna Leigh (1945-2017)
By Steve Green: Suzanna Leigh, British actress, died December 12, aged 72. God-daughter of Vivien Leigh, from whom she gained her stage surname. Genre appearances included Tom Thumb (1963), It Happened Like This (one episode, 1963), The Deadly Bees (1966), The

Pixel Scroll 12/11/17 You Ain’t Pixelin’ Dixie!
DEFENDANTS COMMENT ON COMIC CON VERDICT. Bryan Brandenburg has this to say about the verdict in the SDCC v, SLCC lawsuit. I woke up this morning facing a bright new future. The weight of the world has been lifted

2018 Golden Globe Nominations
Nominations for the 75th annual Golden Globe Awards have been announced. For the full list, see Variety. The 2018 Golden Globe nominations of genre interest are: Best Picture – Drama: The Shape of Water Best Picture – Comedy or

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