Jo Phan’s Reads New Fanzines Released

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R Graeme Cameron’s Auroran Lights #17

Charles Rector’s Fornax #3

Opuntia #314, edited by Dale Speirs

Graham Charnock’s Vibrator #2.0.16

Leybl Botwinik’s CyberCozen – July 2015

Alex Case’s Breaking It All Down: The Zine #6

Opuntia #313 plus archive issues, edited by Dale Speirs

BCSFAzine #503, edited by Felicity Walker

SideTrekked #53, edited by Mark C. Ambrogio and other club volunteers

Journey Planet #23 edited by James Bacon, Chris Garcia, and Michael Carroll

Opuntia #312 edited by Dale Speirs

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OBIR Magazine

[ BCSFA ] – to be updated 

FANED AWARDS ] – updated June 8 / 2015

VCON 40 ]  – updated June 7 / 2015

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