ABSOLUTE ZERO: Very Cool Websites

A collection of very cool websites for your weekend enjoyment.

Got a bit of a roundup today, multiple sites that make for good looking, good reading, and those “OMG!  I haven’t seen that in ages!” feelings. Plus some useful information.

Banner_12.07.12The Space Age Museum – a website devoted to bringing space age Americana to an exhibition near you.

cement spaxeship
Like this bit of roadside scuplture – a space capsule made from a cement mixer drum (just like Andy Griffiths made in the Salvage 1 TV show.

Salvage 1, in case the reference is obscure.

(You get a good look at the cement-mixer capsule at about 44:26 mark.)

The Mystery of Other Worlds Revealedmsyter

An homage to the great, short-lived, manned exploration of space..

Includes some coverage of the 50’s TV show Man In Space.

The Swagmanswagman

Looks like ye olde banner farm, but it’s actually a pretty good collection of genre-related websites that send a decent amount of traffic to Amazing Stories (we’re in there in case you didn’t notice).  You can spend a fair amount of time checking out this collection of interests.

book scrollPublished, Self and Aspiring Writers Facebook Page

Not strictly a website, but this page on Facebook has been generating a fair number of notifications of late and seems to be a pretty good place to get your work out in front of folks.





Every Writer’s Resourcetn_fevenews_header_logo

They’ve got a pretty darned good list of science fiction magazine markets with links.






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