You may not have noticed, but Amazing Stories does have stuff to sell.

AMAZING stuff.  (Quite naturally.)  It could also be referred to as Fantastic stuff, Astounding Stuff, Startling stuff, Astonishing stuff;  it is certainly Authentic and Original stuff; it might even make you Wonder or prompt you to go Beyond your budget.

It’s a Galaxy, nay, a Universe of wonderful things for the science fiction, fantasy or horror fan in your life (or yourself if you fit that bill).  If you get it all, you just might not have enough Space to store it.  It’s certainly at the Vanguard of geeky offerings this year and might even have Cosmic import.  It might even be your Destiny to get some!

But no matter how you slice it, we think some of these wonderful gifts are in your Future.*


small xmas
Note: mockup & photoshopped version for Holiday purposes only. Actual Poster image can be found below in the gallery

We’ve got 48 different Classic Amazing Stories cover posters, all but two of them created by the father of science fiction illustration – Frank R.Paul.  Frank illustrated every single cover for Amazing Stories from its inaugural issue (April, 1926) thru the June 1929 issue;  he also illustrated the cover for the one and only Amazing Stories Annual and six covers for Amazing Stories Quarterly.

One of the remaining covers is a collage created by Steve Davidson for the first Relaunch, Prelaunch issue of the new version of the magazine, the Summer 2012 issue.  The final cover was commissioned from award winning artist Frank Wu, himself a huge fan of Frank R. Paul.  Wu’s cover is an homage and variant of Paul’s April, 1926 cover.

A gallery of all of our posters is included below:

Small (18×24) $24.00  Large (24×36) $33.00

Order Here



front 35thOur wonderful partners – Futures Past Edition publishing, currently offer two books (ebook and print) and are rapidly producing more.  Currently available are:

Amazing Stories GIANT 35th Anniversary Issue – a reproduction of the April, 1961 issue of the magazine including interior artwork and fiction by –

  • Ray Bradbury
  • Edmond Hamilton
  • Eando Binder
  • J.F. Starzl
  • Philip Francis Nowlan
  • with a special introduction by Hugo Gernsback.



Ebook ($3.99)       Print ($9.31)

Order Here


61HftJTnpbLThe Best of Amazing Stories:  The 1926 Anthology.  The first in a series of annual anthologies, drawing stories from each year of the magazine’s run.  The 1926 collection includes stories by:

  • G. Peyton Wertenbaker
  • Austin Hall
  • H. G. Wells
  • Charles S. Wolfe
  • Curt Siodmak
  • Samuel M. Sargent Jr.
  • A Hyatt Verrill
  • Murray Leinster
  • Original interior artwork is also included.




Ebook ($3.99)     Print ($9.41)

Order Here



gift guideOur first original publication (that’s been eclipsed by much fiction on the website itself) is a David Gerrold (The Martian Child, The Trouble With Tribbles) scripted, Troy Boyle illustrated comic send up of Doctor Who, Star Trek and another, deliberately concealed popular television program.  The comic is now in David’s hands for signing and will soon be completed.  Troy Boyle will then sign all 500 signed & numbered, limited edition copies.

Spend some fun time with Kirk, Spock, Tribbles, the Doctor and more!

A few still remain, so now is the time to order one of these unique – and utterly hilarious – special edition comics.

(Note:  Maximum of two copies per customer.  This is a pre-order reservation;  comics will ship immediately upon the completion of signing.)

$29.95 per copy (plus shipping)

Order here



tank1Based on the Giant Laser Tank depicted on Frank Wu’s 88th Anniversary cover, this 3D printed model is absolutely Amazing (unique) and one-of-a-kind.

Designed to be used as a keyfob or a desk top toy, the Giant Laser Tank comes with a swiveling turret and fine detail.

Available in a variety of sizes, from 3 inch to 22 inch ‘monster’, the Giant Laser Tank can also be printed with a variety of materials.  Costs vary depending upon buyer’s choice.


Starting at $79.95

Order Here



embossed signFrom our partners Open Road Brands and available in mass merchant retail stores nation-wide, these embossed metal signs reproduce some of Amazing Stories’ most iconic cover art!

(We’ll let you know exactly where when we do:  in the meantime, keep your eyes open when visiting Walmart, Ace Hardware, Hobby Lobby, Target, and other retail chain stores.

Approximately $23.94

Order In Store




*all of these are names or partial names for science fiction & fantasy pulp magazines.

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