Film Review: Space Station 76

Space_Station_76_credit_Space_Station_76I was sent a copy of Space Station 76 to review and as a fan of one of it’s leads, Matt Bomer (Chuck, In Time, White Collar) I thought I would check it out. The film is directed by actor/producer Jack Plotkin and features other well known names including: Liv Tyler (The Leftovers), Patrick Wilson (Insidious Franchise) and Jerry O’Connell (Veronica Mars).

Here’s the synopsis from Sony: Welcome to a 1970s’ version of the future, where the pants are wide, the music is groovy, and the new frontier is interplanetary. When a new assistant captain (Liv Tyler) arrives on the Omega 76, tensions spark, and more than asteroids collide. This smart and quirky film-festival favourite also stars Patrick Wilson, Jerry O’Connell and Matt Bomer. Take a journey on an out-of-this-world adventure.

It’s basically a dramedy set in the 70s. Or more to the point, deliberately for the now, poking fun at how space was portrayed in the 70s. The film starts with Liv Tyler, the new assistant captain joining the crew as she learns her way around the ship and meets her colleagues. She bonds with a young girl and her father (not so much the mother) and find her secretive boss a little unusual. The film is what you would expect for something inspired by the 70s, a little crazy but more on the mellow side than in your face humour. It did find it a little slow at times, but it was entertaining.

Space Station 76, is out now on DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Bonus features on the SPACE STATION 76 DVD include outtakes with the cast and crew, as well as and all-new deleted scenes. Fans of the well-known cast can also enjoy “Zero Gravity: Making Space Station 76,” a 12-minute featurette in which filmmakers, cast and crew recount what it was like to work on this film.

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