Sunday’s News of Fandom will be morphing into a reprise of Amazing Stories’ The Club House feature. In addition to headline news of fandom from Mike Glyer’s File 770 and a listing of new fanzine ads at, we intend to feature con reports, club reports, fanzine reviews and article excerpts from fanzines. We are actively seeking individuals who would like to report on conventions, review fanzines and recommend articles for reprint. Additionally, we will be happy to make space for clubs that wish to report their weekly/monthly happenings and would like them to reach a wider audience. Please email Steve if you would like to participate in any of the foregoing.

Zion’s Fiction Kickstarter Opens 10/12
Stargazing In Staffordshire
Wells’ Little Wars
Tim Powers Unlocks The Anubis Gates
It’s The Time of the Season
A Tale of Two Cities – And Ray Bradbury
Stay Classy, SF
2013 Faned Award Certificate Unveiled
NYRSF Readings Series Features Authors James Morrow and Paul Park
Two More Con Code of Conduct Complaints Go Public
Apex Publishes War Stories
ABC DeepSouthCon 2016 Changes Venue
Pomona Declares Bradbury Day
Kickstarter For Miskatonic West
Apex Magazine #65
Ann Methe Passes Away
Selling the Commercials
Raum, die letzte Grenze
Hertz: Gillespie Treasures Coulson
NPR Covers Lovecraft Award Controversy
2014 Prix Aurora Awards
2014 Faned Awards

efanzines header

The October 2014 edition of e-APA, the all-digital Amateur Press Association, is the annual Open/Sample Mailing, available for all to read

It Happened in Vegas! by Alan White – photo report on the August 2013 visit to Las Vegas of the TAFF and DUFF winners.

issues #23 and #24 (both 1995) of Opuntia, edited by Dale Speirs

Nth Degree #25 edited by Michael D. Pederson

 Fadeaway #43 edited by Robert Jennings

Science Fiction/San Francisco #157 edited by Jean Martin


canadian fanzines

New Fanzines added to the archive:

BROKEN TOYS (#30) Aug 2014 – edited by Taral Wayne

BROKEN TOYS (#31) Sep 2014 – edited by Taral Wayne

AURORAN LIGHTS (#11) Sep 2014 – edited by R. Graeme Cameron

BCSFAzine (#495) Aug 2014 — edited by Felicity Walker

SWILL (#24) Spring 2014 & SWILL (#25) Summer 2014 — edited by Neil Williams

Ottawa SF Statement (#425) Sep 2014 – edited by Grant Duff

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