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Artoteque:  Call for Artists



As you may know, Frank Wu was one of the first people I contacted when I had obtained the trademarks for Amazing Stories.  I knew he was a huge Frank R. Paul fan – and an award winning science fiction artist.  I commissioned him to create an artistic homage to FRP’s first cover for Amazing Stories (April, 1926) and Frank came thru splendidly.  His rendering graces the cover of Amazing Stories’ 88th Anniversary Issue.

With so many interests in common, it is therefore no surprise that I’ve become friends with Frank and, quite naturally, with his wife Brianna.  She is a tall, fierce drink of water who I had the pleasure of being empaneled with at last year’s Boskone.  She is also a successful game designer and outspoken supporter of women in gaming.

Now she is being attacked by elements within the gaming community who espouse views that suggest that women ought not to design games, should not speak about designing games, should not review games, should not play games or, seemingly, do anything other than bring their mates  a sandwich when called for.

Those same elements – or a subset of them – have engaged in very sophisticated online attacks including ‘doxxing’ (outing personal information online) and seem to have a ready strategy when the attacked protest:  they provide so-called documentation that proves that their target is responsible for the attack themselves, usually claimed as being for publicity or attention, or as a way to undermine the opposing side’s argument(s).

Brianna received serious, credible, death threats the other day in a manner that suggested that those making the threats were capable of carrying them out.  Brianna and Frank have contacted the police and the FBI and have taken up temporary lodging in a place other than their home as a result.

All because Briannia was outspoken and effective in her support of giving greater voice to women in the gaming industry and in support of diminishing and eliminating the misogyny that seems to run rampant through certain clades of the gaming community.

Brianna is a friend of mine and I take this situation personally.

Brianna has many other friends and I know, from the online chatter, that they take this personally also.

It is unconscionable to use these kinds of attacks to advance an argument – any kind of argument.  It is completely unacceptable. These methods border on conspiracy (if not cross the line):  for Brianna’s sake – and for everyone else in the gaming community – I hope that the investigation leads to arrest and conviction, as it seems that only that kind of action will curtail the anonymous BS.

I completely support Brianna as a human being worthy of respect.  No other justification for my support is needed.

Revolution 60, Brianna’s game.

More coverage, more, more

BRIANNA UPDATE:  I forgot to mention that Brianna is giving a presentation at NY Comic Con today.  So much for trying to shut her up with threats.  Like I said – strong and fierce.

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October 6, 2014
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From the Archives: Unexpected DangersSix-Guns and Serial KillersMaking the Accidental Highwayman VideosMore Stories…
We are currently offering the chance to win a copy of each of the following books on Goodreads:

More StoriesThrills, chills, and kills! If you’re looking for a scary read for October, we’ve got you covered.John Scalzi’s Lock In is heading to a TV near you! To show how excited the author is, here he isdoing his best impression of Kermit the frog.Our Summer 2015 catalog is here, and with it, a bunch of gorgeous covers! Check out the art for The Unnoticeables, The Dark Forest,Time Salvager, The Dinosaur Lords, The End of All Things, andmore!What are you looking forward to reading this month? Add to your TBR pile with lists of must-read titles from io9 and BuzzFeed.Tor/Forge authors are on the road in October! Find out where they’ll be.
From the Archives: Unexpected Dangers
by Brandon SandersonWhat makes a woman dangerous? Well, what makes a person dangerous?To me, the best kind of danger-which is, in a way, also the worst kind-is unexpected. It’s that twisted kind of dangerous that takes something familiar and safe and reveals it as something deadly. Wolves are frightening. To me, a loyal pet going mad and killing a child is ten times more terrifying.Read more »
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Six-Guns and Serial Killers
by R. S. BelcherLike the song goes, “My heroes have always been cowboys.” But another archetypal American figure plays a pretty big role in my new novel, The Shotgun Arcana: the serial killer. In the novel, I had the perverse pleasure of getting to play around with a literal army of psycho-killers-a cult of murders and cannibals, called the Teeth of Cain.I looked into some bloody back alleys of America’s history to see what kind of real-world serial killers I could use for inspiration. As usual, history didn’t disappoint.Read more »
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Making the Accidental Highwayman Videos
Reprinted with permission from Ben TrippThis is what happens when a writer gets his hands on After Effects.In Los Angeles, everybody knows somebody who makes movies or television. Ben Tripp worked in the movie business for a long time, and his wife Corinne Marrinan Tripp makes documentary films and television. So he knows people. Talented, versatile people who make the magic happen. You might imagine that when Tor Teen approached him about making a book trailer for The Accidental Highwayman, Ben’s first instinct would be to turn to this tremendous pool of talent.You would imagine wrong, of course. Instead, Ben set about making the trailer single-handedly.Read more »
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Harlan Ellison wants to thank everyone who participated in our autographed book offering last week. The offer has now concluded, but we hope to issue a small number of signed books for each future release.
Click on the link below and let Harlan tell you about his four newest books:
For more information on each title, please click on the covers below.
8 in 80 by Ellison
Harlan Ellison's Endlessly Watching
Harlan Ellison's Brain Movies, Volume Six
Again, Honorable Whoredom at a Penny a Word
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Heading artwork by Arnie Fenner
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Just a little note to tell you that my new (very) short story, Shimmer, is out on Amazon now for $0.99. It’s a completely self-contained little vignette, very short (just a few pages) but one of the stories I’ve always liked the most but never put out there. So now I am. It’s from the world of Atopia, but you don’t need to have read it to read this. Very light bedtime reading…
The link is here:

Hope you enjoy it!

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Gracepoint   Fall TV: Now With More Tyrants, Demons, Wacky Accents, and Karaoke.TV is exploding with premieres again this week, and the schedule is packed with new and returning favorites: The Legend of Korra: Book Four begins with an intriguing episode set three years after the downfall of the Red Lotus; David Tennant debuts a shiny new American-ish accent on Gracepoint , and Ichabod Crane gives us a history lesson on eeeevil currency in the latest episode ofSleepy Hollow. Meanwhile, Snow Queen Elsa makes a new friend in this week’s Once Upon a Time episode, “White Out,” and we check in with Dean’s karaoke stylings in Supernatural‘s Season 10 premiere! Alex Brown rounds up the rest of the Fall 2014 television schedule,highlighting new and returning series, plus a few that really should have been cancelled two seasons ago… But that’s not all! Warm up a slice of cherry pie and get yourself some damn fine coffee: Twin Peaks is returning in 2016!SHARE THIS:  Facebook   Twitter

Best Weird Fiction   ‘Tis the Season (for Horror, Monsters, and General Weirdness!)Are you brave enough to read The Bloody Books of Halloween? In this first installment, Will Errickson of Too Much Horror Fiction explores the existential darkness at the heart of William Peter Blatty’s iconic 1971 novel, The Exorcist. Meanwhile, Jake Hinkson wishes the military and the scientists could just work things out in the classic 1951 monster flick, The Thing From Another World . And is Universal laying a gloriously cheesy foundation for itsUniversal Monsters Universe with Dracula Untold? Speaking of long-term projects, Stephen King assures us that a Dark Tower adaptation will definitely happen…someday. Finally, Theresa DeLucci tackles one of our favorite subgenres in her review of The Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Volume 1! SHARE THIS:  Facebook   Twitter

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Kill the Moon   The Doctor Plots Against the Moon…and Confronts His Embarrassing Youth! The Doctor and Clara nearly come to blows in the latestDoctor Who episode, “Kill the Moon.” Emily Asher-Perrin tries to parse out the themes (and questionable science) in her review of the episode, while Paul Cornell highlightsFive Brilliant Things about the show–both agree that Clara’s argument with the Doctor is one of the best moments of the season so far. Plus, Peter Capaldi squirms adorably when confronted with some of his more embarrassing acts as an enthusiastic young member of the Doctor Who fan club!SHARE THIS:  Facebook   Twitter

Jonathan Strange   Return of the Raven King: Introducing the Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell Reread!We bid good morrow to a new reread! Kate Nepveu will be wending her way through Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, Susanna Clarke’s work of Napoleonic magical fiction, with commentary and thoughts on what make this book such a classic! In the meantime, we recently learned that JS&MN also played a vital role in the life of author Robert Jackson Bennett–check out his essay about a marriage proposal gone perfectly awry…SHARE THIS:  Facebook   Twitter

Frozen   Passive Princesses vs. Feminist Fairytales, Moments of Poetic Brilliance, and Hilariously Sexy Watchmen FanficJack Heckel wonders about the theory that all fairytale princesses are passively waiting for princes in this examination of all the heroines who’ve starred in Disney’s animated adaptations over the years. In our latest “That was Awesome!” essay, author Tina Connolly waxes poetic about the poetry in her favorite stories, from authors like Diana Wynne Jones, Madeleine L’Engle, and more. Meanwhile, Ann Leckie drops by Reddit to talk about gender, tea, and Ancillary Sword, the sequel to her multiple award-winning debut. Finally, ShipwreckNY hosted a smutty evening of erotic (and hilarious) fanfictionfeaturing characters from Alan Moore’s Watchmen-find out which author took home the crown!SHARE THIS:  Facebook   Twitter

Inside Out   Movie News: Emotions Come to Life, And So Does Tetris? Plus Boba Fett, Conspiracy Theories, and Ewoks!Pixar wants us all to get in touch with our emotions-all of them-in the trailer for Inside Out! Then, travel to a galaxy right here, about thirty years ago, with these behind-the-scenes photos from the set of Return of the Jedi! And in further Star Wars-related news: there’s some compelling evidence that a certain trigger-happy bounty hunter was responsible for sending Luke on his hero’s journey, plus a Sandtrooper is walking around Australia for charity! Tired of Star Wars? Looking for the next big, epic sci-fi movie? Well, look no further than… Tetris. Wait, seriously?SHARE THIS:  Facebook   Twitter


Sasquatch   Original FictionWe have some fabulous fiction coming up over the next two months, including stories featuring a vampire dad, tons of birds, and a dog, from Carrie Vaughn, Max Gladstone, and Elizabeth Bear! This week brings us “Mrs. Sorensen and the Sasquatch,” a story of grief and new love from Kelly Barnhill.Mrs. Sorenson and the Sasquatch by Kelly BarnhillWhen Mr. Sorensen-a drab cipher of a man-passes away, his lovely widow falls in love with a most unsuitable mate. Enraged and scandalized (and armed with hot-dish and gossip and seven-layer bars), the Parish Council turns to the old priest to fix the situation-to convince Mrs. Sorensen to reject the green world and live as a widow ought. But the pretty widow has plans of her own.SHARE THIS:  Facebook   Twitter



8th of October 2014


Fall has arrived! We hope your summer wasn’t too short, but to ease its passing, we have some great deals and new releases in the works. Enjoy some hot chocolate and a good book as you watch the season change!Night Shade Books


Of all the sports played across the globe, none has more curses, superstitions, or supernatural events like baseball, America’s national pastime. While some of these can easily be explained, there are just as many that cannot.Field of Fantasies delves right into that superstition with short stories written by several key authors about baseball and the supernatural. Whether it’s a frozen curveball, a robot pitcher, or fantasy outcomes… read more





The Imago Sequence by Laird Barron


I am not easily “creeped out.” Grossed out, yes; I’m unable to partake of stories, written or otherwise, that bathe victims in buckets of gore. It takes a lot to unsettle me, though: Stolid, unimaginative, I plod bovine, complacent, unwitting, into and through the weirdest of tales. I was thus astonished and delighted to realize that Laird Barron had successfully spooked me with… read the full review




Artoteque is pleased to invite all fine artists to participate in the ART NOW, the 4th juried annual of contemporary art at The call is open to all artists in all mediums, forms, genres, media, and styles.
How to apply?
Step 1: Have the image of the works ready on your hard drive.
Step 2: Download the entry form, fill and return the entry form by email.
Step 3: Forward the visuals of the works as attachment.
Step 4: Make your entry fee payment.
download the entry form here.
How many pieces of artwork can I exhibit?
Provide 6 ~ 9 works along the works details: title, year, technique, size and price.

How long can I exhibit my art?
One-year beginning with the date of the inclusion.
What is the images size?
Must be a .JPG or .JPEG file at 72 dpi with a file size between 800-1000 pixels.
How much does it cost?
There is a US$80 / Euro 50 entry fee for 6 ~ 9 works one-year on display.
How to provide the entry fee?
By PayPal [click here].
By direct transfer on account (ask for details).
By Western Union (ask for details).
Can I get the entry fee refunded?
If your submission is not accepted the entry fee will be entirely refunded.
The Awards
Grand Prize value $4,490 /two-page in MUSEUM Contemporary Art Showcase.
Prize of Excellence value $2,250 /one-page in MUSEUM.
Honorable Awards (Diploma of Excellence)
How awards are determined?
By the art professionals, by artists and our art lovers network.
What happens to my application?
The Gallery will provide to each submitter a link of the inclusion. We send out a monthly digital files of artists in exhibition to our 200,000 network of collectors, dealers, galleries and art lovers.

What happens when my artwork is purchased?
The Gallery is not responsible for the selling or shipping of the artist works. All financial transactions are forwarded to artists and are strictly between the customer and the artist. The Gallery takes 0% commission.
To keep in mind
It is important to notice that the images of the works of your contribution ought to be of a quality that is sufficiently high so art lovers and collectors will not to have any doubts about the quality of the work and the professionalism of the artist.

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