This month we’re continuing to publish both new and reprint fiction!

498px-Clare_Winger_Harris_SWQFirst Up – the FuturesPast Editions selection for June – The Fate of the Poseidonia by Claire Winger Harris, a selection that proves that Amazing Stories was at least somewhat in support of offering equal opportunity to women almost 88 years ago.  Ms. Harris’ first story was published in Weird Tales, after which she submitted our reprint selection to a story contest Amazing conducted in its December, 1926 issue.

The Fate of the Poseidonia would go on to take 3rd place and drew commentary from the man himself, Hugo Gernsback:


“That the third prize winner should prove to be a woman was one of the surprises of the contest, for, as a rule, women do not make good scientification writers, because their education and general tendencies on scientific matters are usually limited. But the exception, as usual, proves the rule, the exception in this case being extraordinarily impressive.”

amazing_stories_192612Surely not the most enlightened sentiments, (gosh wow!  a woman did this?) but lets remember the times and applaud the fact that in 1926, Amazing Stories was not only accepting stories from women authors, but even went so far as to let them use their own names (even if she didn’t get a cover mention)!







whowackedrogerrabbitcover-bNext up – we’re pleased to be able to offer an intriguing excerpt from Gary Wolfe’s latest Eddie Valiant novel – Who Wacked Roger Rabbit? (ahhh, now the name is familiar!) which is the third novel in this Toontown series.  You may remember a film starring Bob Hoskins…that was based on Gary’s first Eddie Valiant novel – Who Censored Roger Rabbit?  Renamed Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, the 1988 blockbuster film set new standards for the integration of live and animated characters.

That first novel was followed by Who P-P-P-Plugged Roger Rabbit? in 1991 and now, the third installment, Who Wacked Roger Rabbit? (Poor Roger! Poor Eddie!!!), of which you will be able to read an excerpt right here on Amazing Stories!

(Gary is also a good friend of Amazing Stories and an author of ‘straight’ Science Fiction as well:  his most recent effort Space Vulture, authored with boyhood friend and now Archbishop John J Meyers, Space Vulture is a return to the space opera, pulp magazine style and is an absolute hoot!)

You may also want to check out this video, an interview with Gary about the creation of his characters, Eddie Valiant, Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit and more.


And (no, there IS more!), we’re pleased to announce that we will be conducting our own experiment in the art of serialization (we didn’t the company The Experimenter Publishing Company for nothing!) with a new novel from Felix R. Savage – The Galapagos Decision.

Artwork is in process (therefore, no picture to show you), but we can tell you this:  The Galapagos Decision comes in 32 parts.  We’ll feature a new chapter EVERY DAY!  and conclude with the last few chapters all in one day.

Galapagos will be on sale (in full) while we are presenting the serialization.

Felix R. Savage is the author of the Godslayer Universe series and a variety of other science fiction novels and shorts, which can all be found here.

I think Amazing Stories is starting to live up to our new tagline – The Hottest Fiction From the Coolest Planet!




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