So Many New Shows, So Many Questions

Film invades the small screen: where will it end up and will the glut be its own worst enemy?

MarvelYourUniverse_CoverIt seems everyone is going down the TV route. We’ve got a Gotham show coming with a 10 year old Bruce Wayne, four mini Marvel projects on Netflix and the new Terminator film is expected to have a spin of TV series (not that it hasn’t before with The Sarah Connor Chronicles).

And not forgetting my favourite, although still hasn’t lived up to my expectations, Marvel’s Agents if S.H.I.E.L.D. I fact I would say the only newish show that is still impressing is Arrow.

All of these upcoming projects are really exciting, but I really hope that they are done properly, not rushed and deliver something that won’t be cancelled after one season.

The ones that interest me the most are the Marvel ones. Will they link in with Avengers, et al? Will the be completely stand alone? Are we going to see cross overs within the shows? And perhaps most important, which characters from the Marvel universe will they focus on?!

What are you looking forward to?

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