The Wolverine has come to your TV and your phone


    The Wolverine Second Screen

    We seem to keep getting lucky here in the UK. We got to see Thor 2 ahead of the US, and now we’ve gotten The Wolverine on DVD and Blu-Ray first, too.

    Wolverine is by far the best character from the X-Men team and it’s great that Hugh Jackman has had so many outings with this character. Many DVD releases have extras that include commentary, but I never get around to watching them all. For The Wolverine, though, they have come up with something to combat people like me: a mobile app called Second Screen. You can access commentary for the film, unseen footage, and flip movie extras from your phone to your TV screen. How cool is that? I’m a sucker for always being on my phone or iPad while watching a film, so I love the sound of this app.

    Second Screen is free and is available to download at the below links.

    iOS  –

    Amazon –

    Google play:


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