SofaConStarship Sofa recently announced Sofacon, the first international online science fiction convention and, as you can see, Amazing Stories is going to be a part of it.

I’m scheduled to present an hour’s long program:  I’m working on what it exactly it will be and who will be my guest (waiting for ye olde email response), but I am hoping to make it something special.

I’m also very grateful to Tony C. Smith and crew for inviting Amazing Stories to be a part of this historic event and think it right, proper and fitting that this incarnation of the world’s first science fiction magazine be a part of the world’s first international online convention.

Just click on the banner ads for more information, and please plan on attending:  Sofacon is breaking new ground and could be opening up the next era of science fiction conventions that reflect and emulate (online) what we all know cons are – or ought to be.

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