Snapshots 151 Bacardi
Here are 26 developments of interest to fans. (1) There’s been a lot of reaction to File 770’s latest motto, including a suggestion that I put it on a badge ribbon for distribution at the Worldcon. But it’s too long … Continue reading →

puppy50 Ways To Leave Your Rover 6/20
aka “I love the smell of puppy in the morning.” In today’s roundup, Ed Fortune, David Gerrold, T.C. McCarthy, Daniel Haight, Natalie Luhrs, John C. Wright, Morgan Locke, Mick, Carl Henderson, Vox Day, Tom Knighton, Rolf Nelson, Kevin Standlee, Melina … Continue reading →

puppyThe Hammer of Tor 6/19
aka Sad Puppies Strictly Cash Peter Grant, Vox Day, John Wright, Chris Meadows, Adam, Steve Davidson, Natalie Luhrs, Alexandra Erin, Nick Mamatas, Lela E. Buis, Lawrence Person, Soon Lee, Lis Carey, Melina D, Joe Sherry, and May Tree. (Title credit … Continue reading →

Julius Schwartz Would Be 100 Today
Julius Schwartz, co-editor of one of the earliest fanzines, Ray Bradbury’s first literary agent, and editor of Superman comics for 25 years, was born a century ago today. In 1932, Allen Glasser, Mort Weisinger, Forrest J Ackerman and Julius Schwartz produced … Continue reading →

My Father, And The Brontosaurus
By James H. Burns: “I couldn’t believe I found myself talking to a dinosaur, Jim,” my father told me, some years ago. “I should have felt silly, but there I was, with this happy Tyrannosaur, saying, ‘Good afternoon, my friend.’ … Continue reading →

puppyA Whippet of Earthflea 6/18
aka “The Brand and Bark Concerto” In today’s roundup are Larry Correia, Cedar Sanderson, solarbird, Jim C. Hines, Stefan Raets, Patri Friedman, Allan Thomas, Steven Saus, Amanda S. Green, Sarah A. Hoyt, L. Jagi Lamplighter Wright, Mike Flynn, Tim Atkinson, … Continue reading →

The Terminator’s Tour of Hollywood
Terminator Genisys is coming to theaters July 1 and fans have one more day to enter and win the right to ride with Arnold Schwarzenegger to the Terminator Genisys Premiere and drink Schnapps with him at the after party. This is … Continue reading →

SF Awards Presented at Futuriales Festival
During the 2015 Futuriales Festival at Aulnay-sous-Bois (Paris), France on June 13 the Révélation Futuriales Prize was awarded to Fabien Cerutti for “Le Bâtard de Kosigan” (The Bastard of Kosigan) and the Prix des Lycéens (High Schoolers Prize) to Marine Carteron for “Autodafeurs.” [Via … Continue reading →

puppyThe Dogcatcher In The Rye 6/17
aka The Summer of our Manufactured Discontent In today’s roundup: Sarah A. Hoyt, Vox Day, David Gerrold, Steven Brust, John Scalzi, Peter Grant, Laura J. Mixon, Laura Resnick, Spacefaring Kitten, Chris Gerrib, David Gerrold, Adam-Troy Castro, Lis Carey, Larry Correia, … Continue reading →

A Heinlein Roundup
Stories of news and history about Robert A. Heinlein. (1) Keith G. Kato, President of The Heinlein Society, tells the future of the Heinlein bust destined to be installed in the Hall of Famous Missourians. I was going to send … Continue reading →

Sandy Swank (1959-2015)
Sandy Swank, an active member of the International Costumers Guild, passed away June 13 of lung disease. He was President of the Greater Delaware Valley Costumers Guild. He also was a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, participating in … Continue reading →

puppyPlan K-9 From Outer Space 6/16
aka The Trouble With Kibbles Filling today’s roundup: Kary English, Eric Flint, Martin Wisse, Max Florschutz, Vox Day, Peter Grant, Peter Watts, Ria, L.S. Taylor, G. K. Masterson, Laura “Tegan” Gjovaag, Zander Nyrond, Lis Carey, Rebekah Golden, and mysterious others. … Continue reading →

Bruce Durocher (1959-2015)
Seattle area fan Bruce E. Durocher II died June 14 from metastatic colon cancer reports his wife, Margaret Organ-Kean, who announced his passing on the Book of Face. Durocher ran videos and film for the 2005 NASFiC. He was a … Continue reading →

Orchestra Performs “The Hunt” from Planet of the Apes
Jerry Goldsmith’s music for The Planet of the Apes received an Academy Award nomination and now ranks No. 18 on the American Film Institute’s Top 25 American film scores. Here is a split-screen video of the orchestra accompanying “The Hunt” … Continue reading →

Cecil Rose (1946-2015)
Cecil Rose, a long-time File 770 reader, died unexpectedly on May 14 at the age of 69. As a member of the Corps of Cadets at Virginia Tech (VPI) Rose earned his B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering in 1968. He served in … Continue reading →

Discworld Series Will End
No one will continue the Discworld series with new novels, whether based on notes Sir Terry might have left behind or not, Pratchett’s daughter Rhianna has decided. To reiterate – No I don’t intend on writing more Discworld novels, or … Continue reading →

SF Community Rallies To DeCandido
Author Keith DeCandido fell into some financial difficulty and appealed for help via GoFundMe. He asked for $4,000 and has already been pledged $5,737. DeCandido wrote: Again, thanks to all of you. We are humbled and overjoyed and immensely grateful … Continue reading →

puppyThe Day the World Turned Pupside Down 6/15
aka The Fall of the Doghouse of Usher Today in the roundup: Andrew Hickey, The G, Brad R. Torgersen, Dave Freer, Chris Van Trump, Cedar Sanderson, L. Jagi Lamplighter, Joe Vasicek, Peter Grant, Amanda S. Green, Keri Sperring, Natalie Luhrs, … Continue reading →

Today In History
June 15, 1948:Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein released. My favorite quote: Chick Young: You’re making enough noise to wake up the dead! Wilbur Grey: I don’t have to wake him up. He’s up. The two best mistakes: Dracula’s reflection can … Continue reading →

Snapshots From 2015 Nebula Awards Weekend
Keith Stokes has posted a gallery of photos taken at last week’s Nebula Awards Weekend in Chicago. Stokes reports the Palmer House Hotel was a great location. The awards ceremony will take place there again in 2016. Keith’s archive is here… Continue reading →

2015 Chesley Award Shortlist
The complete list of 2015 Chesley Award Finalists has been posted by John Picacio. (The official ASFA page requires membership to access.) Best Cover Illustration / Hardcover Julie Dillon, Shadows Beneath: The Writing Excuses Anthology edited by Brandon Sanderson; Dragonsteel … Continue reading →

puppyLord Foul’s Baying 6/14
aka Spaceships and Solar Sails and Puppy Blog Tales. In the roundup today: Brad R. Torgersen, George R.R. Martin, MD Laclan, Scott Alexander, Peter Grant, Vox Day, John C. Wright, Sarah A. Hoyt, J. A. Micheline, Ray Blank, Spacefaring Kitten, … Continue reading →

Completing Your Hugo Night Ensemble
After seeing John Coxon’s Hugo t-shirt design Julie Zetterberg said the next thing fans need are complementary No Award pants. My second thought is actual pants. Let’s go with that. The Fashion Police blog offers endless possibilities. Harem Hell: Pleats … Continue reading →

Costumers’ Life Achievement Award to Kathy Sanders
By John Hertz: Among our astounding developments – our amazing, stellar, thrilling, wonderful developmemts – is the Masquerade at science fiction conventions. Once a dress-up party as the name suggests, pioneered by Forry Ackerman and no less than Jack Speer, … Continue reading →

Hugo Award Rocket T-Shirt
John Coxon’s Hugo-inspired t-shirt design is available in a limited edition from Teespring until through June 30. The famous Hugo Award rocket, filled with the name of each Best Novel winner since the first awards were given. An elegant window … Continue reading →

Rich Lynch Turns The Page
Rich Lynch has posted the 14th issue of My Back Pages [PDF file] with another collection of his articles at This issue offers “essays involving Norwegian humor, road trips, dinner expeditions, building restoration, coastal waters, mossy trees, spectacular vistas, … Continue reading →

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