NASA hosts deorbiting class for ISS

Steven Barnes highlights upcoming title fight – Barnes vs Tyson….(a lecture series with Barnes and Neil deGrasse Tyson)

Jupiter, as we’ve never seen it  before from the JWST

Samuel Munk highlights AI discussions centered on Mike, the computer from The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

Black Hole Sounds are Creepy

Tim Marion shares some Frazetta art

Jim Burns highlights some of his art, created for a collaboration with Harry Harrison – Planet Story

HBOMax Batman project not moving forward

Adam-Troy Castro highlight free reads at Lightspeed magazine

Michael Walsh shares pics of the Robert Bloch Award

Help for MaryAn Harris, author Charles de Lint’s wife, suffered an unusual medical emergency and they need help

Into the Broken Lands, new novel from Tanya Huff

How can they say that AIs aren’t self-aware when we’ve got racist ones?

Possible battery breakthrough could change the whole electronic vehicle market

Congressional UAP report suggests they are non “man-made”.  (No, of course not.  Reflections of Venus, swamp gas and city lights reflecting off of white bird bellies are natural phenomena, not man made)

Batgirl film may be completely destroyed

David Loftus shares a photo of HE at Cambridge

Chaz Brenchley shares some clever political protest against those evangelical incursions in state government

SLS LAUNCH THIS MONDAY!  Rob Caswell links to criticism of the SLS program

David Brin likes this hi-res composite of the Moon

The Phantom Stranger’s House of Mystery and Suspense reveals a bit of unknown Hollywood History:  Bela Lugosi did the motion capture for the Night on Bald Mountain sequence in Fantasia

Bob McCullough likes this bookstore’s sense of humor

School named for black author bans his books in the school library  (from the “this is the world we live in” department)

And from the Teachers Can Be Heroes! Department:  Teacher resigns after providing students with QR codes for banned books

Boeing Manned Flight Delayed

David Gerrold’s son & daughter-in-law’s expanding family needs a bit of help

Be Involved!  Read the redacted Mar-a-Lago search warrant application

Lance Oszko wants you to be aware of issues with traveling to China

Ellen Kushner likes this quote from Alice Sheldon

China becomes first nation to land successfully on the Moon’s farside

Warning:  Solar Flare Activity Increasing

KSR says that Mars is Irrelevant. 

Bill Nye says that the movie Don’t Look Up is painfully accurate.  (We know.  We read all about “Honest” John Barlow in the 50s)

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