Ansible for October 2022

How to delete your stuff from the net

Review of Rings

Time magazine on 2001 & Saturn Vs

AI – threatening to take over mathematician jobs

Has there been a shift in the focus of SF?  This video says Yes

Ellen Kushner got a tent

Fred Resovich shares this Terrifying Karloff record

Moshe Feder offers commentary on godly legacies

Whereas Richard A Stephenson wants us to BE terrified by this image of his dog

And James Long want to share THIS pic of, ummm, well, either his red head or his Mugato

EC Ambrose brings our attention to an enterprising otter.  Mudge fans, take note.

Chris Barkley highlights a high school renamed for author Octavia Butler

New Release:  Sorcerer’s Edge by David Hair, coming from Quercus Books

Tony Peak wants you to read “all the way down” in this latest SF vs Fantasy thread

Jean Marie Stine shares a poem by Michael Kurland

Joe Bonadonna mashes up band naming an Classic B SF films

Glynn Owen Barrass shares an image of interstellar indigestion

Suggestions that the Zodiac Killer might have been an SF Fan

Lynne Fahnestalk shares this reveal of an author’s fate

Nosferatu film greenlit, again

This article discussions our new feudal society and the death of the middle class (basically rehashing what numerous SF authors have been telling us will happen for decades)

Bob Eggleton shares his latest cover, a Lovecraftian inspired Weird Tales cover

J. Scott Coatsworth brings your attention to these latest releases

Is Elon Musk really Count Baltar?

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