Amazing Genre Penetration Report: 01/4/22

Genre continues its seemingly average penetration of both film and episodic shows (Movie & TV) streaming services with a solid and relatively boring 40 percent.

Interesting that Rick & Morty, a sarcastic, animated send-up of everything genre (much like Futurama) takes the lead over new fare that billions were spent on. Hmmmmm.

Does this mean that 40% of all television and film audiences are Fans?

No, it does not.  It means they are fans.

In order to become a Fan, one must first become sad and lonely, and then one must write about being sad and lonely in a fannish context, preferably in a fannish-oriented media, such as a fanzine or lettercol, though this latter aspect is rapidly expanding into many other forms of expression.

In order to get you started, here are the shows that ranked this week:

Film (40% Genre)

Television (40% Genre)

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