True Blood – The End in Nigh

true_blood_7_croppedThe final season on True Blood is almost upon us, and with only 10 episodes in the season, it will feel like it is over before it even began. According to Sookie, no one know vampires in the town better than her. And there seems to be a heck of a lot of vampires around in the trailer. But one of my favourites appears to be missing – Vampire Eric. At the end of season six, we saw him sunbathing in the snow, only for his ability to sit in the sun to run out and he started to burn. According to Alexander Skarsgard himself and the show, Eric is in the final season, so I wonder if his lack of appearance in the trailer is purely down to shocking those fans who somehow manage to avoid reading anything on the show.

Check out the two versions of the trailer for yourself below. Are you excited for the final season, and are you happy/sad that it is coming to an end?


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