The Experimenter Publishing Company and Amazing Stories are pleased to announce that beginning in May of 2013, two new bi-monthly features will be coming to the pages of Amazing Stories!


Space Art – Explorers of the Infinite – will feature the space (and other) artwork of the members of the International Association of Astronomical Artists.  IAAA members include many artists who illustrate for space agencies, aerospace companies and, of course, the covers of many of our favorite stories.

Once every two weeks Amazing Stories will profile an artist and their works, sharing some of the most awe-inspiring images of the cosmos, man’s future explorations and imagined possibilities.  We’ll begin with a reprint of David A. Hardy‘s appearance in the August 2012 Relaunch, Prelaunch issue of Amazing Stories and then move on to feature (in no particular order) Ron MillerDan Durda, Pat Rawlings, Mark A. Garlick, Julie Jones, Christopher Doll, Chris Williams, Michael C. Turner, Marilynn Flynn, Jon Ramer, Joe Bergeron, Steve Hobbs (and more).

Alternating with this stellar (sorry) line up of space artists, Amazing Stories will be offering up excerpts from up-coming novels and collections.  Once every two weeks, Amazing Stories will feature an excerpt of new fiction.


Amazing’s showcase of new fiction will begin with offerings from many members of the Amazing Stories Blog Team – Douglas Smith, Adam Gaffen, Hunter Liguore, Monique Jacob, Terence Jackson and more.

The excerpt program will begin with the works of friends and family – authors blogging for the site, their author friends, other authors within the Amazing Stories community – who will be directly solicited by Amazing Stories.  Once those resources have been exhausted (and considering our wonderfully huge blog staff that may take a bit) the program will be opened up for general submission.

PLEASE READ THIS VERY CAREFULLY:  Unsolicited submissions will be summarily executed upon receipt (and the names of those submitting will win a small, dark place in my heart under the heading of “Can’t follow basic instructions”).  This is  a new program; the folks already working with Amazing Stories deserve every bit of attention and exposure that the site can give them; the staff needs to use this initial period to figure out exactly how it is going to go about doing this.  Premature submission doesn’t just disappoint, it leaves a mess as well.  Don’t leave a mess.


Tanya Tynjala, a Peruvian born author, now residing in Finland while pursuing a Doctorate in French language and literature (whew!) will be blogging en Espanol on writing, science fiction and fantasy in the Spanish speaking world.  Tanya is the author of  La Ciudad de los Nictálopes and a 2003 winner of the Writer of the Year award from NORMA.

The opportunity to bring Tanya on board the Blogging Team could not be passed up: Fandom is making great strides these days in support of numerous efforts directed towards increasing diversity – from self-examining the way we man panels at conventions through translation efforts from publishers like Haikasoru to Lavie Tadhir’s WorldSF blog – we’re learning that not only does diversity lend us strength, it also opens up a world rich with difference.

Adding Tanya to our mix is one of the many ways that Amazing Stories is trying to engage with this

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