Doctor Who Returns for 50th Anniversary Year

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At last Doctor Who has returned to our screens in the lead up to the 50th anniversary episode. Still part of season seven we are officially introduced to the Doctor’s new sidekick, Clara Oswin (even though we’ve seen her a few times already). This episode, The Bells of Saint John, is set in the present day and is all about the ‘evil wifi’. It brings the Doctor back to present day from 1201 where he has been hiding as a monk.

Set in London, we get to see lots of landmarks, including Southbank, St Pauls and The Shard as the Doctor and Clara try and find out how the wifi is hacking people. The Doctor is also on a mission to understand who the latest incarnation of Clara is. For those that haven’t seen the previous Clara episodes there are plenty of flashbacks to fill you in.

stampsI am excited that Doctor Who is back, and am liking the new partnership already. One thing I love about Doctor Who is that there is always lots of news that is slowly revealed, and we can expect a lot in the lead up to the 50th anniversary episode. We’ve already learnt this week that David Tennant and Billie Piper will both be back for that special episode and that avid fans can send their post with their favourite Doctor as the Royal Mail unveiled a collection of stamps featuring all 11 Doctors.

Is there anything Doctor Who related that you are hoping to see this year?

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