Anonymous Calls for Internet Blackout to Protest CISPA

CISPAA branch of Anonymous called for an internet blackout (voluntary downtime) to bring attention to the CISPA law that recently passed a House vote. The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act effectively nullifies privacy contracts between users and websites, allowing internet companies to provide private user information to government agencies without first obtaining permission.

Amazing Stories can’t afford a site wide blackout, so we’re putting this up instead.

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  1. It is unfortunate that the Patriot Act has encouraged the continuing erosion of American citizen’s constitutional liberties. Americans favoring political expediency have been letting the actions of the few (legislaturalits and bureaucrats) continue to erode privacy and attack our constitutional guarantees. Be of service to your self and be vocal about your displeasure upon these rights.

    As popuilarized in the movie V (for Vendetta): “Government should be afraid of its people; not the people afraid of their government .”

    Be vocal…or lose the right to speak entirely.

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