Troy Boyle reports that he’s been sending completed pages to the inkers, letterers,colorers and who knows who else at a breakneck pace!  We’re closing in on sending this book to the printers and may even be able to give you an estimate of print time (and ordering time! – remember, we’re going to print with a limited edition, 500 copies only so as soon as you see the A Doctor for the Enterprise pre-order offer, make sure to get your dibs in!) in another week or so.

In the meantime, here’s one of Troy’s latest treatments:  can you guess who this is?

TennantI don’t think a usual encounter with a Cyberman or a Dalek could engender this kind of a response.  Must be something mighty shocking going on….

And now for today’s script excerpt from David Gerrold’s A Doctor for the Enterprise:

Panel Two – full page

Scotty’s balloon two is overlaid on top of Panel Two, to identify:

Panel Two – Second Row, left.

Int. Transporter room, showing the transporter platform. On it, is the Tardis, with the tenth doctor jumping out, arms spread wide.

Doctor, balloon one: I’m here!

Doctor, balloon two: The Enterprise!


Panel One – wide across top

Reaction shot. Scotty, Kirk, Spock, McCoy. Astonished.

Panel Two – Circular inset, between panel one and panel two

Close on Spock

Spock: Fascinating.

Panel Three – two thirds bottom of page

Kirk and Doctor, face to face.

Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Doctor.

Kirk balloon one: Who—?

Kirk balloon two, connected: —are you?

Doctor: That’s right! I’m the doctor.

Panel Four – Circular inset, bottom right

McCoy’s reaction. Angry.


Panel One – Wide across top

McCoy: No, you’re not. I’m the doctor!

Doctor, balloon two: No, you’re not! That’s temporally impossible!

Stayed tuned for more art & script from David Gerrold’s A Doctor for the Enterprise

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