At this great and wonderful moment it would be very easy for me to descend into cliche, quote oft-quoted lines from well-known television shows or gush all over myself about how fortunate I am, have been and hope to continue to be.

I will resist that temptation except for this homage to the Science Fiction Book Club’s paperback book advertising inserts:

“Order Any Ten Books for a Dime!  Order More Books at Low Book Club Prices!”

If Amazing Stories had its own paperback book advertising insert, it would say something like this:

“Read Nearly 60 Bloggers for Free!  Read Them Every Day for Free!”

The anticipation I feel right now is something akin to what I felt the day I mailed that ten cents into the SFBC.  Pleasurable frustration mixed with just a hint of terror.

Back then a dime was nothing to sneeze at.  I’d spent quite a bit of time pouring over the offered selections and now the die was cast.  What if I’d chosen wrong?

I don’t think I did. Even four-plus decades later I still have those ten books (and the 4+ I had to buy to satisfy my membership requirements). They are now worth far more than a penny a piece and not just in resale value.  The authors I discovered, the ideas I discovered, the new friends I made. A wealth of culture was folded into those books.

I think you will find that this latest incarnation of Amazing Stories offers the same kind of opportunity. A very low cost of entry (free!) to gain access to a continuing cascade of fannish fun, experience, discovery and community.

And yes, there is even more!

Every fan joining the site as a member contributes directly to realizing the goal of returning Amazing Stories to publication. It is quite simple actually: the larger Amazing Stories’ audience is, the more attractive it becomes to advertisers and marketers.

It isn’t a bad deal: free membership, an opportunity to contribute to the community and a stake in bringing back the world’s first science fiction magazine!

So Welcome! Thank you for coming by. I urge you to join, I urge you to make your voice heard, enjoy the offerings by some of the best in the field and please, don’t forget to tell your friends.

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  1. Amazing Stories has regenerated again! The first magazine to specialize in, and give a name to, the genre of Science Fiction. In its previous incarnation I subscribed and got it in the mail. I had long wished I could have stories of my own in it.

    May I ask, how does one join the Blog Team and get a blog going?

  2. This is amazing! This magazine is legendary, and I can't wait to check out some of the stuff that's written here.

  3. Congratulations on opening up the site. When I was ten years old, I found a stack of Amazing Fiction books in the basement, and I read them on and off for years, and it had quite an effect on my reading tastes. I've never stopped delving into fiction about what we might be able to do. I think people should never stop dreaming about the future and what is to come, and I'm glad you've realized this dream of your own.

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