Amazing News for Tuesday, January 22


Matt Mitrovitch looks at Balkanized America in Alternate history,

Adam Gaffen interviews Kevin J. Anderson, and

J Simpson reviews the audio work Weird Tales for Winter.


Samantha Henry takes a look at the effect of big name casts and genre show success,

Jimmy Rogers reviews podcasts from around the geek-o-sphere, and

Astrid Nielsch looks at fan art treatment of LoTR’s Galadriel

And Elswhere and Elsewhen:

File 770 lists the BSFA nominees

Boing Boing publishes an homage to Lost in Space’s Chariot (it was real)

Speaking of old SF TV shows, a couple of weeks back Discovery News reported that Captain Kirk telephoned the International Space Station and spoke to a Canadian counterpart

And, now that Margaret Atwood is an expert on science fiction, she has begun writing at the Guardian about her favorite SF authors, including George Orwell (who is probably as surprised to find that he wrote science fiction as Atwood was to discover that she didn’t.  Yeah.)  For an alternate view, visit Talking Squids in Outer Space.

Oh and check it out:  SFSignal has included ten – TEN…TEN! – of our blogger’s posts in today’s Tidbits!  Remember – with bloggers hailing from around the world, the sun never sets on the Amazing Stories Blog Team!

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