AMAZING NEWS: 7/16/2017

SPECIAL NOTE:  The votes are in for the 2017 Hugo Awards!  Now it’s all over except for the shouting!


Coverage of Okorafor’s Who Fears Death on HBO also – VICE Removes Author’s Name From Promotional Book Cover and GRRM to Adapt

Hobby Lobby Consents to Forfeiture of Illegally Imported Iraqi Artifacts (Proceeds intended to Fund Bible Museum)

Astronomical Discrimination

Rey STILL Not a Monopoly Piece

Claiming Gender Fluidity vs Playing Dressup

Environmentalists are being Murdered (200 last year)

Texas Wants You To Bring A Sword To A Gun Fight

Bannon’s Political Christianity Not Catholic:  Pope’s Confidantes Issue “Scathing Rebuke”


Wrinkle in Time Photos – and – Trailer (WOW!)

Wendy Pini Celebration

Last Jedi Behind the Scenes

Great Comeback to Moon Landing Hoaxers

Comic Kahn – Genre Comedian.  Not Much More Need Be Said

Black Panther Photos

…But He Never Said “Spooooooon!”

Sword Training, Conan Style

David Hasselhoff in Guardians Video

Inspiration from Octavia Butler

When GRRM was just GRM

Galactic Journey Visits 1962 Amazing

2017 Emmy Noms (Decent number of genre offerings in there.  Now lets watch them get dissed)

THIS is IMPORTANT:  Correct Viewing Order for Marvel Universe

Star Wars Land Revealed

Justice League Images

New Old Eerie-Style Comics

Galaxy Magazine Archive (via J. Zitt)

Vacation to “Nowhere” (via M Alan Kazlev)

Everything From the Future is Old Again (via Glenn Glazer)


FAPA’s 80th Annivrsary Issue

Windy City Papercon (great pulp art for the promo)

New Release:  The Chronology Protection Case by Paul Levinson

New Release:  Croaker:  Tequila Mockingbird

Report on ChattaCon

Support Net Neutrality

2017 Rhysling Awards


An Unpublished Sendak! (via File 770)

An English Translation of Karen Tidbeck’s Amatka

SFWA Markets for July

Gladiator at Law – Free Robot Lawyer

When did “Mundane”  Come to Mean “Non-Fan”?


If you are a bird and you hear a tiny voice saying “Brains!  Brrrraaaiiinnnsss!”  It just might be a Praying Mantis (Trigger warning for hummingbird lovers)

Chinese Students Embark on 200 Day “Space MIssion”

6th Mass Extinction Announced

Iceberg So Large, It Will Soon Have It’s Own McDonalds

Roman Concrete:  Coming to a Water-Logged World Near You

Bermuda Triangle Explained (Again)

No Tickey, No (Mars) Landy

Cool Ant Colony

Hyper Means Slow, Right?  Hyperloop Test

This Ancient Bird Was Not Eaten By a Praying Mantis

Lion Nurses Leopard Cub

How Smart Are Ravens?  Really Smart

Fist-of-God’s Little Sister About to Erupt

New New Horizons Pluto Vid

Will It Be Planet Nine, or Planet Ten?

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