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Anime roundup 6/23/2016: Destroy All Monsters

In this week's viewing: Concrete Revolutio explains what it's really about, The Lost Village brings its monstrous story to a close, and more!

Anime roundup 6/16/2016: Fun For the Whole Family

In this week's viewing: Re: ZERO and The Lost Village go on family-induced guilt trips, Kagewani comes up with a novel use for blood ties, and more!

Anime roundup 6/9/2016: Stand Back, I’m Going to Try Science

In this week's viewing: The Lost Village and Kagewani uncork the pseudoscience, Concrete Revolutio dives into cheesy filmmaking, and more!

Anime roundup 6/2/2016: Little Fuzzy Animals

In this week's viewing: Mutant killer bunnies (for peaceful purposes), magic killer puppies, and more!

Anime roundup 5/26/2016: The Dark Forest

In this week's viewing: Re: ZERO crushes its hero's spirit again, Concrete Revolutio takes on Vietnam, and more!

Anime roundup 5/19/2016: Red Herrings

In this week's viewing: Re: ZERO and The Lost Village fling confusing clues in all directions, and more!

Anime roundup 5/12/2016: The Weapons Shops of Nerima

In this week's viewing: My Hero Academia starts combat training, The Lost Village gets tacticool, and more!

Anime roundup 5/5/2016: Chasing Shadows

In this week's viewing: The Lost Village reveals its monster, Re: ZERO drops more hints toits mystery, and more!

Anime roundup 4/28/2016: Who’s the Boss

In this week's viewing: Kagewani gets around to updating us on the title character, The Lost Village is cagey about its protagonist, and more!

Anime roundup 4/21/2016: And This Is Where the Story Really Starts

In this week's viewing: Two more premieres, and then the final lineup for the rest of the season!

Anime roundup 4/7/2016: On Your Marks

In this week's viewing: The starting gun fires for the spring season! What's taking the early lead?