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This week Steve brings back—in honour of Shark Week—a column from six years ago about the SYFY movie Sharknado. Does it hold up? Maybe we’ll all have to watch it to find out!

NO CLOWNING AROUND: Revisiting IT (1990)!

IT, Part II is out. Steve looks back at the 1990 TV-series version. Which one does he like? The oldie or the new one? Find out here!


Steve posts a capsule review of the movie “Short”—or a short review of the movie “Capsule” and some short, or capsule, movie reviews.

EBOOKS & MOVIES! A New Storybundle plus 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE and...

Chocolate and bacon, the only things better than cheap eBooks and SF movies! (Okay, there's sex and alcohol too.) Steve offers you both! (No, not sex and alcohol—ebooks & movies!)

TV Review: 12 Monkeys

Another film getting a revamp as a TV series, although this one is 20 years after the film was released. Twelve Monkeys was the hit...

IT’S COMING! A Review of SHARKNADO! and a hint….

Steve takes on SyFy and Sharknado--with a glimpse of Sharknado 2!

SyFy. Not a Mispelling, Just an Awful Channel.

There are a lot of reasons for a Science Fiction fan to dislike the channel. One would be that several nights of the week, they play professional wrestling in prime time. Even the worst space operas are more realistic.

Discovering Science Friction: Snark Week 2013

Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives could easily have been made into a Syfy Channel movie (if they’d used lower resolution cameras, thrown in a former 1980s TV star and some cornball music).

Interview: Kate Drummond of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist

Have you heard of Tom Clancy? Probably. Have you heard of his video game series Splinter Cell? Maybe. Have you heard of Kate Drummond?...

Kids & Cons

With summer upon us, it’s convention time here in my neck of the woods. And while I’m not that big of a fan of...

Could Defiance Be The Next Firefly?

I decided to watch Defiance after a recommendation from fellow Amazing Stories blogger, Geoff Wakeling. I'd seen the posters on the side of buses...