Could Defiance Be The Next Firefly?

Defiance - Season 1

I decided to watch Defiance after a recommendation from fellow Amazing Stories blogger, Geoff Wakeling. I’d seen the posters on the side of buses for the show, but the fact that it was followed by “a SyFy original” put be off slightly. I was expecting a low budget sci-fi show. I have to say, from watching the first episode, that it is just that, the special effects aren’t that impressive when you look at some of the other shows out there, even the likes of Smallville when it started over a decade ago has better effects. But what this show does have is a good storyline.

It has a bit of a Firefly feel to it, with the humans in the future, interacting with aliens and speaking in mixed languages. But, I don’t get the feeling that Defiance is going to get the same cult following, but it could potentially run a little longer than Firefly managed to. However, what this show does have is a pre-existing fan base from the online game community, but will they switch off their PCs and stop playing the third-person shooter game to enjoy the TV adaptation?

What do you think, have you seen the show?

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